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Defense Against Robbery and Aggravated Robbery Charges

Colorado prosecutors often demand incarceration or serious felony sanctions on robbery crimes, because robberies can cause so much stress, injury and trauma to the victim. More often than not the “Violent Crimes” unit of the District Attorney’s office handles the charge of robbery in Denver, Jefferson County, Arapahoe, or any other county in Colorado, and these are usually prosecutors with years and years of experience.

They are hardened and seasoned criminal lawyers with the tenacity and experience to successfully convince juries to find you guilty. Plea bargaining in aggravated robbery cases is often a common occurrence as the potential penalties involve lengthy mandatory prison sentences.

What Are the Differences Between Simple Robbery and Aggravated Robbery in Colorado?

In short, simple robbery is the commission of the crime without use or brandishing of a weapon. A weapon can be defined in many ways, but some obvious examples may be a knife, a bat or a gun. The sentencing structures differ greatly between aggravated robbery and simple robbery in Colorado.

While neither type of felony robbery is a minor charge, the charge of aggravated robbery in Colorado carries mandatory prison time if found guilty, while a simple robbery conviction in Douglas County, Boulder County, Adams County, or any other Jurisdiction gives the judge discretion and latitude to possibly give the offender probation or halfway house (known as Community Corrections) or prison (known as Department of Corrections or “DOC”).

If you commit robbery of a bank in Colorado, then you will likely face federal robbery charges. This crime is as serious as it gets and can carry obviously years and years in federal prison.

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