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Will this NY lawsuit yield similar litigation in CO, nationally?

A nonprofit group recently released a criminal law-focused report that is attracting considerable attention nationally. An article by The Marshall Project focusing upon that study notes that states across the country are "evenly split" on how they view and treat its subject matter.

The spotlighted topic is this: law enforcers' access to and handling of information from sealed arrest records in cases that were either dismissed or did not result in a criminal conviction.

Denver crime statistics: glass half full or half empty?

There are both optimists and pessimists when it comes to assessments regarding the rate of violent crimes committed in Denver.

Let's spotlight the latter first. Those with a doom-and-gloom perspective concerning city crimes like robbery, sexual assault and domestic violence can readily point to a slew of downside statistics and data just released by a public policy research group. The Brennan Center for Justice states that Denver tops all other American cities for its spike in violent criminal activity over a recent measuring period.

Why does asset forfeiture continue to cast a glaring spotlight?

It’s a money grab and little more.

That is the oft-stated complaint levied by legions of Americans from across a broad spectrum against a common police practice they roundly condemn.

Colorado sex offender registry under judicial spotlight

Colorado courts have long held that a juvenile’s placement on the state’s sex offender registry for a lifetime is not punishment.

A Colorado appellate court just altered the judiciary’s view on that in a case one informed commentator terms “very important.” The tribunal ruled that sex-offender registration does squarely equate to punishment.

How harmful is Colorado's persistent drunk driver designation?

Colorado drivers face significant penalties for any impaired driving charge. Whether drivers face DUI, DWAI or DUID, they risk a hefty fine and the loss of driving privileges. If the Colorado DMV designates you as a "persistent drunk driver" (PDD), though, you might face additional complications.

What group comprises the primary target in criminal drug probes?

Here’s an answer hint to today’s above-posed blog headline query: It’s not the top-end principals in drug cartels or other highly placed figures of organized crime.

Rather, it’s what a recent in-depth online overview of U.S. drug probes and arrests terms “small fish.” It is a vast pool of minnows that generally gets ensnared in lieu of the truly big swimmers that run drug operations of real magnitude.

Early and promising feedback on federal sentencing reform law

Early reviews are in on recent federal legislation aimed at criminal sentencing reform. Although somewhat limited in scope, they seem promising.

Many readers of our Denver criminal law blogs at Shazam & Associates might likely know a thing or two (or, concededly, command considerable knowledge) about a federal bill entitled the First Step Act. That statutory enactment became law following President Trump’s signature affixed late last year.

Colorado enacts host of new criminal law bills

Colorado media outlets widely underscored the importance of a particular day late last month.

That was May 28. One news source issued a representative comment that the month’s final Tuesday was a truly “significant day for criminal justice reform in Colorado.”

1,708 drivers cited during spring DUI enforcement

It is not uncommon for law enforcement to develop initiatives geared toward a particular traffic violation. Spring 2019 was no different for the Colorado Department of Transportation.

During a five-week spring DUI enforcement period, part of the CDOT’s Whole System Whole Safety initiative, Colorado saw increased DUI patrols and DUI checkpoints from April 5 through May 13. In this time period, law enforcement agencies cited 1,708 impaired drivers.

Another CO DUI campaign, another massive arrest count

Regular readers of our blogs at the Denver criminal defense law firm of Shazam Kianpour & Associates know well that drunk driving enforcement crackdowns across the state are hardly a rare occurrence.

In fact, they spell a recurrent pattern for Colorado motorists. State drivers are well accustomed to seeing beefed-up roving police patrols, sobriety checkpoints and additional tools/measures rolled out annually in successive DUI campaigns.