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DUI detection tool a deterrent, but sometimes also a danger

There has always been more than a modicum of controversy surrounding ignition interlock devices.

As many of our readers in Denver and across Colorado know, those miniature on-board breathalyzers assess the alcohol consumption level of select drivers when they get behind the wheel. An IID detecting alcohol use will disable an engine. Moreover, it will provide evidence of drinking to criminal law authorities.

Spotlighting theft/economic crimes in Colorado

Consider the phrase "moral turpitude."

We reasonably suspect at the proven criminal defense law firm of Shazam Kianpour & Associates in Denver that those words don't immediately resonate with many of our Colorado readers. Candidly, they are far from commonly used in everyday conversation.

Some notable data on reported Colorado DUI activity

Extrapolated data on virtually any subject matter can of course be relevant even without regard to markers of comparison.

It is certainly the case, though, that statistical information gathered and released to the public is often far more germane when it is examined outside of a vacuum. That is unquestionably true when figures and numbers are released that predominantly spotlight a specific locale.

The costs of a ticket go beyond the fine.

Getting a speeding ticket can be a frustrating experience. The fine alone can be a financial burden for many people. However, anyone who has received a traffic ticket knows that the fine itself isn’t the only cost that is associated with a traffic violation.

From increased insurance costs to potential license suspensions, the true cost of a ticket can go far beyond a one-time fine.

Domestic violence a heightened concern over the holidays

The year-end holidays are a period of unaltered joy and thankfulness for legions of Colorado couples and families.

Not all, though. On-point statistics annually reveal that the final few days of December and the beginning of the new year also mark a period of heightened domestic abuse across the country. The holidays are not universally about upsides and bliss. They can also promote stressful conditions that spawn family violence.

Should teen “sexting” offense mandate sex offender registration?

Colorado frequently garners media space in news outlets across the country. Stories concerning the state often underscore its matchless beauty and unparalleled status as a ground central locale for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Not every bit of attention that comes the state’s way is positive, though, as referenced by a slew of recent news stories focused upon a single and decidedly narrow criminal law topic.

Should juvenile-vs-adult charges feature a precise age threshold?

A recent Colorado media article stresses one state legislator's desire to materially flip the criminal charging equation for one specific group of individuals.

Namely, that is the demographic comprising young people who are over the age of 18 and criminally sentenced as adult offenders despite still displaying a juvenile mindset.

DUI rates spike in Colorado during Holiday season

The holidays are a busy time for everyone, including Colorado law enforcement. While many industries slow down during the holiday season, the winter months are often some of the busiest for state DUI patrols.

This year, Coloradoans can expect extra DUI patrols towards the end of the year. While we encourage everyone to have a good time celebrating the holidays, we also want to make sure that you have the tools to stay safe this holiday season.

Elephant in the room: breathalyzers’ departures from accuracy

We’ve got a problem across the United States concerning accuracy surrounding many arrests tied to drunk driving charges, and it’s not exactly a secret.

Defense lawyers know it beyond the slightest doubt. Prosecutors know it. Judges are routinely confronted with the problem. Police officers across the entire chain of command – from administrators and chiefs to the troopers who effect roadside stops – know well that evidence routinely emerges to undercut the validity of their conclusions in DUI cases.

Just about as recurring as the seasons: CO’s DUI campaigns

Is the heat actually ever turned off?

The answer to that question is arguably “no,” at least when it comes to Colorado’s recurring The Heat is On DUI-crackdown initiative.