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Unwary teens’ online behavior can reap harsh criminal consequences

Colorado parents know all about the vulnerabilities of their children, who are understandably prone to occasionally rash behavior and questionable judgment as they work their way toward adulthood. Moms and dads were once kids, too, and know that the road to maturity is an evolving process.

In short, it is expected that our sons and daughters make some mistakes on the journey. Thankfully, most of those often turn out to be minor mishaps that provide instructive takeaways.

Are there simply too many arrests made in Colorado, nationally?

If the cops arrest you, you're going to jail.

And that's regardless of the alleged offense against you, even in a case where most people might reasonably view the criminal charge against you as minor or even trifling.

Why a broad-based camp supports Colorado drug-possession reform

We noted in our immediately preceding Shazam Kianpour & Associates blog post that there is a viewpoint in Colorado that resists downgrading some drug possession offenses from felonies to misdemeanors.

We discussed that view in our September 3 entry. In doing so, we further noted that it is far from being a unanimous opinion.

“Do One Smart Thing” over Labor Day weekend

Many people position the Labor Day weekend as the final blow-out of the summer. From sporting events to parties, a long weekend ushering in September seems like a great time to get together with friends and share summer stories. More often than not, these get-togethers are centered around alcohol.

Pre-Labor Day ramped-up DUI enforcement efforts spotlighted

You’re familiar with this process.

Colorado joins other states across the country in conducting recurring DUI crackdown initiatives throughout each year. Those coincide with periods surrounding holidays like Memorial Day, Labor Day and Christmas.

Denver's City Council spotlighted nationally in private prison vote

The atmosphere prior to the final vote casting on one specific matter before the Denver City Council last Monday was tense. Council president Jolon Clark made a pre-tally statement that subject matter deliberations were "tearing all of us apart."

The final vote certainly reflected that. In what one media report termed "a stunner," the "no" votes of eight council members axed the contract renewal prospects for two giants in the private prison industry.

Colorado’s free-DUI-testing move questioned, criticized

The thinking of Colorado lawmakers that spurred a recent and material change to the state’s legal blood-alcohol testing regime is clear enough.

But it strongly begs this question: Was it wise?

Challenging a breath test

A DUI traffic stop can be a frightening experience. In a worst-case scenario, the driver might end up with a result that puts them squarely in the "over the limit" category. They could be facing stiff penalties such as fines, jail time, loss of license and an increase in insurance premiums. Are breath test results accurate, though?

Not always.

Boating under the influence in Colorado: a slap on the wrist?

You might indeed be lucky enough to merely get that proverbial slap on the wrist (see our blog headline above) from Colorado law enforcers if you were stopped while boating after drinking a certain amount of alcohol.

Conversely, the penalties imposed on you could be more akin to a sledgehammer blow to the head.