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Just about as recurring as the seasons: CO’s DUI campaigns

Is the heat actually ever turned off?

The answer to that question is arguably “no,” at least when it comes to Colorado’s recurring The Heat is On DUI-crackdown initiative.

A look at crime-linked findings in the wake of pot’s legalization

Much ado about nothing? Or did a bad genie escape the bottle and wreak havoc across society?

Those questions (termed a slightly different way) centrally guided research scientists teamed together in a multi-university study examining the criminal effects of marijuana possession/use in post-legalization environments. Crime data relevant to Colorado and Washington was understandably a focal point of research scrutiny. Those states command vanguard status as the first to nationally to legalize recreational pot use.

Has legalizing pot in Colorado spawned an uptick in crime?

Individuals and groups across the country that are opposed to marijuana legalization repeatedly voice a similar refrain when they address the relaxed legal regimes operative in an ever-growing number of states.

Their dire warnings about liberalized marijuana schemes center around this predominant argument: Decriminalization will spawn a crimewave across multiple dimensions. Arguments are typically made that softening the penalties linked with pot possession and use will yield an uptick in domestic abuse incidents, carnage suffered in accidents involving stoned drivers, property theft and broad-based violent crimes.

What are the ramifications of a Colorado restraining order?

The various phrases and acronyms listed immediately above all apply to the Colorado domestic violence realm and the prohibition of contact between an alleged criminal offender and victim.

The smorgasbord of terms and shorthand designations can be confusing. Moreover, its application pursuant to a court order in a given instance can yield materially weighty consequences for a targeted individual.

Why is Halloween truly scary for some Colorado motorists?

What are you doing next week on Thursday night?

Perhaps you’re planning to stay home to host hordes of costume-clad kids excited to ring your doorbell and watch while you drop candy into the bags they’re holding. Or maybe you anticipate heading out with family and friends to some sponsored event that occurs annually on October 31.

E-scooter crash lands Denver man with a DUI charge.

It’s a popular trend in metropolitan cities. Piloted by city dwellers eager to take advantage of a convenient new mode of transportation, rented scooters have rolled into major cities around the country.

But these app-based scooters have also brought potential controversy with their proposed convenience. While some have used the scooters to hop between bars, one Denver resident recently found that these vehicles can also land you behind bars.

Update on Colorado’s revamped BAC testing regime

We recently informed readers of our criminal defense blogs at Shazam Kianpour & Associates in Denver that we would keep them timely updated on a key Colorado change in DUI-linked blood-alcohol testing.

As we noted in our August 5 blog entry, that adjustment was material, being “replete with questions and challenges that reasonably suggest future modifications to its operations.”

Why should justice system handle a juvenile offender differently?

The attorneys comprising the deep legal team at the long-established Denver criminal defense law firm of Shazam Kianpour & Associates think that the answer to the above-posed blog headline query is simple.

Moreover, it’s evident from the post title itself.

Recent CO drug sting underscores state's resolve, resources

One of our website practice pages at the established Denver criminal defense law firm of Shazam Kianpour & Associates references a number of drugs that become problematic for arrested Colorado residents.

Unsurprisingly, marijuana is one cited entry. So too is cocaine. Ditto that for methamphetamine, OxyContin and hallucinogenic mushrooms. We stress that an individual facing criminal charges linked with one or more of those drugs potentially has "big problems."

Planning ahead can help you avoid a holiday DUI

We’ll discuss the holidays in more detail in upcoming articles, but the reality is that October is right around the corner. With the season change comes the busiest three months on many peoples’ social calendars. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years … the final three months of the year are packed with family gatherings, social get-togethers, religious events and work parties. Unfortunately, many people fail to properly plan and can run afoul of law enforcement.