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Why do crime rates go up during the summer?

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2024 | Criminal Defense |

One interesting thing that researchers have found is that crime – and particularly violent crime – is more common in the summer months than it is during the winter. Some researchers claim that criminal trends, therefore, have a seasonal influence. Crimes quite literally are more likely at specific times of the year, leading to more arrests and other such cyclical issues.

But why does this happen? Is it just that there are longer daylight hours for police to make arrests? Is there something about the summer in particular that lends itself to illegal activity? Below are two potential reasons.

More free time outside

To begin with, people spend more time outside in the summer, which leads to a higher number of personal interactions. Naturally, some of these interactions are going to go poorly and may result in arguments, assaults or other criminal activities.

To be a bit more specific, young people have a lot more free time during the summer. This is why there is usually an increase in fatal teen car accidents during the summer months, as well. School provides structure and gives young people something to do, but the free time in the summer can lead to car accidents and criminal actions.

Higher temperatures

Interestingly, some researchers have found that the warmer weather itself can play a role. It can make people feel uncomfortable, which makes them more prone to violence and anger. It can also increase people’s heart rates and blood pressure, which can do the same thing. The summer weather can have a physical impact on a person’s body, and that impact may be enough to influence them to break the law.

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