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Your Life Is At Stake If You Face Internet Sex Charges

If you have been charged with an internet sex crime, then you know that there is much more to your story than meets the eye. Unfortunately, the criminal justice system often seems to ignore the rule of innocent until proven guilty. In Colorado, it is possible to receive a life sentence for an internet sex crime without ever physically touching someone.

When so much is at stake, the lawyer you hire matters. You can trust your future to our team at Shazam Kianpour & Associates, P.C. For more than 14 years, our criminal defense attorneys have steadfastly protected the rights of people accused of sex crimes of all varieties.

What To Know About Internet Sex Crimes In Colorado

We have provided some information that you should know about online sexual offenses in our state. Below, you can read some of our clients’ frequently asked questions and our attorneys’ responses.

What is the sexual exploitation of a child?

The term “child pornography” is considered outdated, as it implies that the victim consented to participate in a sex act. Instead, the law now refers to this crime as the sexual exploitation of a child. It refers to the possession, manufacture or online distribution of explicit content involving a minor.

What does internet sexual exploitation of a child mean?

A similar offense is internet sexual exploitation of a child. This is when someone uses the internet to commit the sexual exploitation of a child – for instance, exchanging explicit photographs with a minor over social media.

What is entrapment?

Entrapment occurs when a law enforcement officer lures you into inadvertently committing a crime that you otherwise would not have committed. One common example is a police officer posing as a minor and flirting with someone in a chat room. Our sex crime defense lawyers often see well-intentioned people tricked into committing an incriminating act through unscrupulous police tactics, such as entrapment.

Act Quickly And Protect Your Future

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