Over 10,000 Criminal Cases Handled in the Denver Area

What Are White Collar Crimes?

“White collar crime” is a broad term for a wide range of criminal activities.

The attorneys of the Denver law firm of Shazam Kianpour & Associates, P.C., have handled a combined 10,000-plus criminal cases, including many trials. We can provide the hands-on, results-oriented legal help you need following white collar crime or other financial crime charges. Have you been accused of the following:

  • Forgery and embezzlement
  • Wire or mail fraud
  • Extortion, blackmail or bribery
  • Credit card or ID theft
  • Insurance fraud
  • A computer-based theft crime involving the Internet
  • Money laundering
  • Fraud or noncredit-card related identity theft

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What Is Considered Embezzlement?

Many people think of embezzlement as necessarily involving large amounts of money. In reality, the act of taking office supplies for personal use is a form of embezzlement. In fact, any intentional misappropriation of funds or property that has been entrusted to you, as an employee or otherwise, is embezzlement.

If you face embezzlement or any theft-related charges, you cannot face these charges alone. Any conviction to a theft-related crime will severely limit your opportunities in the job market and in other areas of life. You need a lawyer who knows how to present a persuasive case to prosecutors in negotiations and to judges in the courtroom.

Lawyers with the Experience to Provide Your Best Possible Defense

We have handled numerous cases involving economic crimes, economic fraud and other white collar violations. In one recent case, we represented a client charged with a felony involving embezzlement of more than $300,000 from Kmart. Our client received a deferred judgment and never spent a day in jail. In another recent case, our client was pressured into forging an estate document distribute estate assets in a way that seemed most fair to him and his family.

In both cases, we worked aggressively to minimize legal penalties and consequences, and we kept our clients from the long-term incarceration the prosecutor originally sought. Instead, we gave our client a chance at a good life again.

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When you stand accused of a crime, you need a lawyer with real-life courtroom experience that relates directly to your criminal charge. If you are charged with a white collar crime, contact the experienced white collar criminal defense lawyers at Shazam Kianpour & Associates, P.C.