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Strong Defense Against Assault Charges in Colorado

There are four types of assault charges in Colorado. In Colorado, two of those assault types are misdemeanor charges and the other two are considered felony charges with much more serious penalties.

No matter whether you are charged with misdemeanor assault, felony assault or any other type of crime involving violence, you should speak with the qualified attorneys at Shazam Kianpour & Associates, P.C., in order to begin the defense of your case and improve your chances of staying out of jail or prison.

Helping You Fight Assault Charges at All Levels, Including Municipal

All assault crimes are serious, but if you had to be charged, you would prefer to be charged with a municipal crime. Municipal assault is usually accompanied by municipal battery charges in city court. The term municipal means that the state has not brought the charges against you, but instead the city is prosecuting the case.

Often, when a crime is reported and police believe it is not very serious, they choose to write a city ticket, or what is known as a summons. This summons will have a court date on it and it will require you to go to the city court where you are being charged on the date written on the ticket.

Municipal assault charges will be heard in city court in cities like Lakewood, Aurora, Brighton, Westminster or Castle Rock instead of being heard in the state courts of Colorado. Make sure you go to court with experienced assault lawyers who have fought and beat these cases before.

The difference between city and state level misdemeanor assault is apparent immediately, not only in the maximum jail time allowable, but also in the maximum fines and costs you would be required to pay. Misdemeanor assault charges in Colorado state court always carry much more serious penalties. However, both city and state misdemeanor assaults are very serious and should have serious Denver criminal lawyers standing by your side.

Misdemeanor Third-Degree Assault in Colorado State Court

Third-degree assault in Jefferson County, Boulder, Adams County or any other counties in Colorado is considered the most serious type of misdemeanor assault there is. It is an extraordinary risk crime and it subjects you to the maximum sentencing ranges available for misdemeanors in Colorado.

Often our law firm of criminal defense attorneys in Arapahoe sees harassment CRS 18-9-111 charges filed alongside with third-degree assault. It is common to see the district attorney file both charges in one case hoping that they can then plead the assault charge down to harassment and make you feel like you got a good deal in the process.

Other times when the case goes to trial, the prosecutor argues to the jury that if they don’t find you guilty of third-degree assault in Adams County, surely the jury should at least find you guilty of the harassment charge. It is important to remember that you have rights and until you invoke them, they don’t start taking effect.

Don’t just wait for the judge to come and save you or for the district attorney to help you out, which is not going to happen. Instead, call our law firm and speak to Shazam Kianpour or another criminal defense lawyer at the firm. Shazam and his colleagues have taken third-degree assault charges to trial in Douglas County, Boulder County, Broomfield, Arapahoe, Denver, and many other counties in Colorado and gotten not-guilty verdicts for many of their clients.

Our law firm of qualified and experienced Colorado criminal defense attorneys has handled over 20 years’ worth of assault cases. We have taken many assault cases to trial and successfully defended them. Don’t settle for average representation and expect above-average results. Call us today to meet with the lawyers who know how to protect you and have the guts to stand up in court and fight for your rights!

Felony Second-Degree Assault in Colorado

Second-degree assault in Denver County is a very serious charge that can carry mandatory (guaranteed) prison time on the Department of Corrections (DOC). Sometimes while waiting in court for our client’s case to be called by the judge, we have seen the court sentence defendants to over a decade in prison while their attorneys stood by and did little or nothing about it.

Don’t hope for a miracle; make sure you get the right criminal defense lawyers for the job so that you are not standing in front of a judge one day hoping for a miracle.

Often the difference between felony assault and misdemeanor assault comes down to a simple injury that a doctor claims is serious bodily injury (SBI). Other times if a weapon is used, even if nobody gets seriously hurt, the misdemeanor assault is charged as a felony assault.

Our team of felony assault lawyers in Broomfield and Adams County has seen prosecutors and police charge felony assault charges with little or no justification. If a felony assault is charged, expect to pay bail in the thousands of dollars just to be released from jail and be allowed to go home.

Once you get out, you will find out that there is a criminal restraining order has been ordered by the court and now you have to get rid of any guns in the house. Maybe you will be ordered to comply with serious bond conditions like:

  • No alcohol
  • No possession of guns or any weapons
  • An ankle or GPS monitor that will cost you over $10 a day
  • Pretrial supervision by a probation officer that you have to report to daily
  • Restraining order that stops you from seeing your friends or family
  • Weekly random drug testing

The list goes on and on, and sometimes it feels like the list never ends. Don’t do this by yourself. Your life, your career, your home, your family, they are all too important for you to settle for the services of a lawyer with little to no experience in violent crimes. Call us and get a free consultation today! We are qualified and experienced Arapahoe assault lawyers and we have “been there and done that” before.

We are not intimidated by felony courtrooms in Colorado and we are certainly not afraid of district attorneys who are trying to put you behind bars. Second-degree assault in Colorado is a charge that can ruin your life, and when you speak with us, we will take the time to explain the laws and your defenses to you and we will make sure that we fight for you and your family every step of the way! Call us today at 720-407-2582 and talk to the Colorado criminal lawyers that care!

Felony First-Degree Assault in Colorado

First-degree assault in Adams County, Weld County, Broomfield County, and all other counties is the most serious assault charge in Colorado. Not only does first-degree assault carry mandatory prison time, but you can be sent to prison for up to 32 years if you are found guilty.

This is not a joke. Considering the fact that the Department of Corrections in Colorado makes inmates serve almost 75 percent of their prison time on violent crime sentences, if you are sent to DOC, for all practical purposes, you may end up spending the majority of the remainder of your life behind bars.

The difference between assault in the first degree in Colorado and assault in the second degree can sometimes come down to something as simple as what the police or prosecutors think your “intent” was when the accident or assault occurred.

How comfortable do you feel knowing that you may receive an extra 16 to 20 years of prison just because law enforcement “think” you meant to do harm, when all you meant to do was to defend yourself? How comfortable do you feel knowing your criminal defense lawyer in Boulder has not handled many assault cases and needs to read the law on it before he advises you what your rights and defenses are?

If you are as serious and passionate about your rights and freedom as we are, then call us today to begin your defense with the aid of first-degree assault lawyers in Douglas County who have beaten these charges before in court and know how to speak to juries, prosecutors, and judges about these issues without being nervous.

Call us today and speak to Shazam at 720-407-2582. You will see and hear the difference immediately, and your gut will tell you that you are hiring the “right criminal lawyers for the job.”

What Are Some Defenses to my Assault Charges in Colorado?

Often you may hear terms like “self-defense” and “defense of others” thrown around but what do these defenses really mean and how can you use them? We have used “affirmative defenses” in Colorado courts to successfully defend many cases and save hundreds and even thousands of our clients’ lives.

Did you know that if you were intoxicated when you are alleged to have committed a first-degree assault in Denver County that there is a defense to what your “intent” was and just by proving you had drank alcohol a good criminal defense attorney can have the first-degree assault charge dismissed?

This may be news to you, but the better news, is that this is not news to Shazam Kianpour and his associate. We do not leave a single stone unturned. We will research every issue and interview every relevant witness until we find the solutions that can help bring justice to your side.

This Is Not the Time to Try to Defend Yourself

Don’t go it alone, and don’t give up the fight. Instead email us or pick up the phone and call us right now at 720-407-2582. You will like what you have to hear and you will understand why we ask, why us? Because when you need us, we are there for you. We are Jefferson County assault attorneys with the track record and the combined years of experience needed to fight for your rights and your freedom every step of the way.