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Defending You Against Burglary Charges In Colorado

Most people are not clear what Burglary really means. In simple terms: Burglary is the breaking into, and entering the business or home of someone else with the intent to commit a crime in that place. All burglary charges in Arapahoe, Adams, Denver, Douglas, and Jefferson County and the rest of Colorado, are considered serious felonies.

What Does the Law Consider to be Burglary?

You don’t have to steal something to be charged with burglary in Colorado. Often just breaking in to your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend’s house or apartment with intent to vandalize their home, or maybe scare or harass them is enough. We see a lot of instances of course where someone may break into a business in order to steal something.

For example, John breaks into a hardware store in order to steal a lawn mower. He gets to his house and the police are waiting. What will he be charged with? Well, for starters, he will be charged with a class four felony (F4) of burglary of a business. John will also be charged with theft of the lawn mower. The theft is the crime that John intended to commit once he broke in. Therefore a burglary is charged. How does that change if John was not intending to commit a crime when he broke in?

In our second example, John breaks into the same hardware store in order to get out of the cold. He sleeps on the floor overnight and is woken by the manager coming in to open the shop in the morning. Is that burglary? No, it is the crime of criminal trespass, which is a completely different type of felony, but it is not considered burglary.

In our third example, John walks into the store when the doors are open during regular business hours. He sees nobody is watching, he seizes the opportunity, and runs out with a lawnmower. Is that burglary? No, in this third example, John will be charged with Theft only. If the lawnmower is an expensive one, then John could be charged with felony Theft, but that is still not considered a Burglary since there was no “breaking and entering” into the business, since the business was open and the doors were not locked.

What does Law Enforcement Look For?

It is important to understand that Colorado prosecutors look for the “breaking and entering” to occur, and then they look for “the intent to commit a crime once inside” to occur as well before they decide that a Burglary should be charged. This is just an example, but it helps illustrate how burglary is a very specific crime. Due to the serious effects that burglaries in Colorado can have on the cost of business, and the emotional impact they have in citizens when it occurs to them in their homes, the courts have made prison sentencing on burglaries a very real possibility even for first time offenders.

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If you are charged with Burglary in Douglas County, Denver County, Jefferson County, or any other county in Colorado, it is very important that you consider meeting with and hiring an experienced burglary lawyer in Colorado. At Shazam Kianpour & Associates we have handled countless burglary charges. We are Colorado Burglary attorneys, and we understand what is at stake for you. Give us a call for a free consultation at 303-578-4036 today so that we can begin your defense and give you some valuable legal advice on your Colorado burglary case today.