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Accused of Stealing From Your Employer?

At our Denver criminal law firm, one of the perhaps surprisingly more common theft crime charges we see in Colorado today is theft by an employee or what prosecutors refer to as theft from an employer in Colorado. In today’s economy, the recession has hit families and homes harder than ever, and the temptation to “supplement” that income with a few bonus checks or cash withdrawals from people’s work place has become a major hot topic.

I Stole From my Boss and Now He is Pressing Theft Charges in Denver County. What Should I Do?

This is usually (but not always) how it plays out. Jane works at a company and has been there for several years. She just received a pay cut and was told she should be grateful to still have a job. Jane’s husband Joe just got laid off. Times are tough and with two kids, a mortgage and car payments, it feels like a squeeze.

Meantime, it seems like the “boss” is doing great. He takes vacations, eats out all the time, and is at work 25-35 hours a week overseeing things while the employees are putting in overtime and working on a set salary. Frustration mounts for Jane as she feels she should be getting paid more. She does everything for her boss, from going to the dry cleaners, to picking up his lunch, to rescheduling his appointments when he is late or just doesn’t show up. Boss has often told her that he values her deeply and she even remembers one time last year when he told her that if she ever need a small loan or a bonus, she can write herself a check and put the money back when she can.

Jane decides that a little check or cash withdrawal here or there won’t kill the business. After all, Boss has already told her he wouldn’t mind right? Some months or years go by. Times change, and Jane needs to quit her job or move on. A few months later, she gets a call from an economic crimes detective at the local county district attorney’s office. He wants to talk to Jane about whether she ever took any money from Boss. The detective claims that boss is out thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars. Once in a while, hundreds of thousands of dollars are missing according to Boss. Sound familiar? We have seen it countless times before.

How Do We Handle Theft Cases?

At Shazam Kianpour & Associates, P.C., we have handled the tough Employer/Employee Theft cases in Arapahoe County, Adams County, Jefferson County, and countless other jurisdictions in Colorado, and we know what it takes to reason with prosecutors, insurance companies, and judges who are getting tough on handing out long prison sentences for these types of cases. We know what it takes to go through the stacks and stacks of bank and police reports, and we have the no quit approach which often yields our clients the results they need to go back to their lives and take care of their families.

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Maybe you are a server at a restaurant who took a few extra bucks from the register once in a while, or perhaps you were an accountant at a major company who is accused of embezzling and stealing thousands of dollars. In today’s world, your reputation, your record, and your freedom are what matters. Call the law firm of Denver criminal defense theft attorneys who have “been there and done that”. This is not the time to settle for the “budget lawyer” who just set up his law practice. We are there for you anytime you call and we will be glad to sit down with you and discuss your defense with a free consultation today. Email us using the form on this site or call today at 720-407-2582!