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When most people think of kidnapping, they think of highly publicized cases where strangers take children from their families. Actual child abduction cases such as these are very rare. Most kidnapping allegations involve especially heated domestic disputes between spouses or ex-spouses where for example, a mother may take a child away from the father and move away against court orders and the father calls the police fearing the worst has happened.

Other times, Colorado kidnapping charges may involve a domestic violence dispute where the husband may forcibly drag the wife from one room to another. Even the smallest forcible movement may result in charges.

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I Got in an Argument with My Wife. We Pulled Each Other from Room to Room and Now I Am Charged with Kidnapping in Denver. How Can They Charge Me?

Under Colorado Revised Statutes Title 18. Criminal Code § 18-3-302, a person can be charged with kidnapping in Colorado if he or she knowingly seizes and carries another person from one place to another, without the other person’s consent and without lawful justification. So you see, the slightest bit of force in transporting one person from a place to another can result in serious felony charges!

How Many Types of Kidnapping Are There in Colorado?

There are two classes of kidnapping in Colorado and they are incredibly serious charges that get the attention of the courts, district attorney’s office and often the media.

Second-degree kidnapping in Denver, Arapahoe, Adams County, Boulder, Jefferson County, or any other county is a class 4 felony (F4) and can carry from two to six years in DOC with a three-year period of parole. However first-degree kidnapping is as serious as it gets and can carry a life in prison sentence under certain circumstances.

In some “best-case scenarios” a conviction for first-degree kidnapping in Colorado could still result in decades of prison time. If you have been accused of or charged with kidnapping, you need an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney immediately.

False Imprisonment in Colorado (CRS 18-3-303)

So what is the difference between false imprisonment in Colorado and kidnapping? More times than not, false imprisonment charges are filed as a class 2 misdemeanor (M2).

However, false imprisonment can also be charged as a class 5 felony (F5) if there is threat or force used, or the imprisonment lasts longer than 12 hours. The main difference between kidnapping and false imprisonment in Colorado is simply whether the person was confined or detained (false imprisonment) or whether the person was moved from one spot to another (kidnapping).

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Often we see false imprisonment charges filed under a domestic violence sentencing enhancer due to the fact that most times when you see or hear of people trapping each other, it tends to be in a situation where one spouse has locked the other in a bedroom, bathroom or basement. Domestic violence enhancers in Colorado make the case even more serious.

Whether you are charged with false imprisonment, or kidnapping, understand that law enforcement are coming for you. They will not stop until they have charged and arrested you and now your freedom and your future are at stake. Don’t settle for second-rate representation.

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