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The term “fraud” refers to the act of falsifying information for gain, and the topic covers many crimes that are commonly charged as felony crimes of moral turpitude in Colorado today. The important thing to know about almost all Colorado fraud felonies is that they carry with them multiple penalties, some that won’t really start affecting your career and family until years after the issues have been settled in court.

When dealing with fraud or other financial crime charges in the Denver, Adams, Jefferson, Boulder, Douglas, or any of the counties in Colorado, it is important to realize that half the battle is picking the right Fraud defense lawyer for your case. At Shazam Kianpour & Associates, P.C., we are fraud defense attorneys and have spent years of our lives litigating the very issue you will be facing in district court soon.

Find out for yourself about the peace of mind, and (finally) getting a good night’s sleep by calling us and meeting for a free private consultation where we can discuss your rights, your options, and the best way to tackle your difficult financial crime case. We are available to you night and day and can schedule a time to meet right now when you call us to begin your defense at 720-407-2582.

What Does “White Collar Crime” Mean?

In general, there are two types of theft related or financial crimes involving the taking of a property or money or another. The first variety deals with physically doing it. An example would be shoplifting from a store or stealing from a warehouse or maybe walking into a Best Buy electronics store and running out with a video game or laptop. The second type of financial crime or crime involving unlawful taking is the type that happens from behind a desk or computer. These crimes are called white collar crimes because the act itself does not involved breaking into a cash register or bank vault, it involves deception of some sort or another and usually is associated with false signatures, forged documents, use of someone else’s identity, or misrepresentation for the purpose of financial gain in some way.

Maybe it happened when you called your insurance company and telling them your car was stolen last night when you know you got in an accident while drinking, fled the scene, and are trying to cover it up. Perhaps you needed food stamps when times were tough and you claimed to be poorer than you actually were. Or maybe you opened a bank account with a false ID hoping to deposit some bad checks and withdraw cash instantly. In other circumstances, it could be an Internet fraud or financial crime where you tricked a credit card company to give you a card or a bank to qualify you for a home loan when you misstated your income or who you were.

Whatever the white collar crime, you should know that the government will be after you and they will try to make sure that nobody trusts or believes you again. This can ruin your nursing career that you worked so hard in school for, or it can destroy your reputation and put a permanent mark on your criminal record. It’s not worth it, so please don’t do it. However if you do it, and you are caught, there is only one responsible decision to make at this point.

Call us immediately, and we will talk to you about how we can help. We will advise you or your rights and make sure that the white collar crime you are charged with is handled with only your best interest your family, and your freedom in mind. We are available to you for a simple question or a full hour-long free consultation and we are happy to be of service any time you need us. Why us? Because when you need us, we are there for you. Call now at 720-407-2582!

What are Some Typical White Collar and Fraud Felony Charges in Colorado?

Shazam Kianpour & Associates, P.C., means fraud criminal defense in Denver, and all other counties in Colorado. We are Denver white collar defense lawyers and we handle all white collar criminal charges involving fraud and identity theft on behalf of clients throughout Colorado’s Front Range. The firm represents clients in both state and federal courts and defends them against specific charges such as:

  • Fraud
  • Bribery CRS 18-5-401
  • Computer Fraud CRS 18-5.5-102
  • Contest Rigging CRS 18-5-402
  • Extortion CRS 18-3-207
  • Wire Fraud
  • Welfare Fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Bank fraud
  • Credit card Theft
  • Check Theft
  • Identity Theft CRS 18-5-902
  • Check Fraud CRS 18-5-303
  • Consumer Credit Fraud CRS 18-5-206
  • Fraudulent and Deceptive Practices CRS 18-5-301 to 18-5-308
  • Unlawful Activity Concerning Sale of Land CRS 18-5-302
  • Obtaining Signatures by Deception CRS 18-5-112
  • Counterfeiting CRS 18-5-110.5
  • Electronic Mail Fraud CRS 18-5-301-308
  • Issuing False Financial Statements CRS 18-5-209
  • Offering False Instrument for Recording CRS 18-5-114
  • Identity Theft CRS 18-5-902
  • Criminal Impersonation CRS 18-5-113
  • Defrauding a Secured Debtor or Creditor CRS 18-5-206
  • Providing False Information to Obtain Health Care CRS 18-13-124

Although not all of these financial and economic crimes involve the use of computers, many of them will fall under federal jurisdiction because they involve federal property, as with mail theft, or they involve activities that cross state lines in some way or another. Attorney Shazam Kianpour and his Denver-based legal team of criminal defense lawyers will fight for you in the state courts and federal courts of Colorado.

As your lawyer, Shazam will look at every possible means of challenging the evidence or avoiding the most severe punishment. In fact, if the theft, white collar, or fraud charges are related to a drug use or abuse problem, Shazam may be able to get you placed in a diversion or deferred judgment program if this is your first offense. That may mean you can avoid a permanent criminal record.

What Exactly Is Forgery in Colorado?

Under Colorado Revised Statutes Title 18, Criminal Code § 18-5-102, a person can be charged with forgery in Colorado if with intent to defraud such person falsely makes, completes, alters, or utters a written statement which purports to be an official financial, legal, government, or public document. In other words, you “faked” a document and you passed it hoping someone or some group would be fooled by it. As mentioned before in most cases, this is charged as a class 5 felony (F5) and can carry with it from one year to three years in state prison (DOC) and a mandatory period of parole if prison time is ordered by the court.

Is Forgery Always a Felony in Colorado?

No, in some instances, forgery can be charged as a class one misdemeanor (M1) but it still carries considerable jail time from six months up to 18 month if the court decides to incarcerate you. Misdemeanor forgery also carries with it a lifelong stigma and prejudice that tells employers, banks, landlords, schools, and lenders that you should not be trusted as you committed a “crime of moral turpitude”. At Shazam Kianpour & Associates, P.C., we know that one mistake does not make you a bad person. Times are tough and finances are even worse. We are Denver forgery defense attorneys and we have spent over 20 combined years fighting for people’s rights to have their good name and reputation restored and to be given a second chance. We are compassionate about your life, family, and freedom because we have seen how the legal system takes a “no holds barred” approach at putting people away and ruining their criminal record.

I Forged a Check in Denver, and Now the Bank is Pressing Charges. Is my Record Ruined?

Perhaps you needed money badly and signed a check you found in your bosses office for a quick “loan” to yourself. Maybe your grandmother’s checkbook was lying around and you didn’t think she would mind if you borrowed a few hundred dollars to buy that Xbox One, or PS4 since you knew she loves you. Then she called the bank because she thought they had made a mistake. Well, by the time they figure out “who did it” and grandma or your boss realize that they would not want to press charges, well their bank already has! Don’t go it alone! Don’t speak to the police!

Call us first so we can advise you of your rights and help you right the ship before the matter gets out of hand. We are available to you for a free consultation anytime you call at 720-407-2582. We represent clients in all types of theft and other financial-based crimes.

Remember, that even something as simple as signing your spouse’s name on a check that you are ONLY going to deposit is, technically speaking, forgery unless you have his or her express consent to do so. However, most cases involve check forgery that takes place for different reasons. If you are a first-time offender and the crime was closely related to a gambling or drug abuse problem, attorney Shazam Kianpour may be able to get you placed in a diversion program and help you to avoid jail or prison time.

What Is Unauthorized Use of a Financial Transaction Device?

Though this crime has a very long name, it basically means that you used somebody else’s credit card or checkbook and bought or tried to buy goods or tried to get cash. Make no mistake about it however, this is a serious crime and in most cases in Colorado, the crime of Unauthorized use of a financial Transaction Device is charged as a felony and is accompanied with other felony crimes like Theft, Fraud, Forgery, or ID Theft.

Do I Need an Attorney?

Does this sound like something you want to handle by yourself? Do you think the judge will give you an ounce of credibility as you stand there to plead your case and explain you needed money for that surgery, or quick cash so you can repair your car because your family needs you to work?

At Shazam Kianpour & Associates, P.C., we are financial crimes defense attorneys and we understand why you did what you had to do and we aren’t sitting here judging you as a bad person. Part of being a Denver economic crimes defense lawyer is to have the compassion and understanding that people are just doing what they can to survive.

Every criminal defense attorney and staff member at our law firm has children and a family, and when we go home, we feel the same pressures and obligations to make ends meet that you do.

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