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Don’t Let a Speeding Ticket Jeopardize Your Driver’s License

Colorado is one of the toughest states on speeding tickets. Most people who receive tickets in other states go to court and may be able to sometimes just get it dismissed and pay a small fine. Not in this state. Colorado traffic courts not only expect you to take some points on your driver’s license and motor vehicle record, they also go out of their way to report your points to the DMV so that your next speeding ticket in Denver, Arapahoe, or any other county is treated more harshly. Colorado speeding tickets break down into several different categories.

How are speeding tickets in Colorado categorized by the DMV?

Colorado has minor traffic tickets, which are called “infractions.” These traffic infractions are civil in nature, meaning they are subject only to a fine and no jail time. These infractions are for speeding tickets up to 24 mph over the posted speed limit.

If you exceed 25 mph over the posted speed limit you may be charged with an “offense” under Colorado law. These traffic offenses are more serious traffic tickets in Colorado courts as they carry with them the possibility of jail time in addition to the points and fines.

Why Should I hire a Denver Traffic Lawyer for my Speeding Ticket?

Speeding and other traffic charges are common, but that doesn’t mean they are always easily resolved. Legal consequences for traffic violations in Colorado can be harsh, and penalties quickly increase with multiple offenses. If you have been charged with speeding in Colorado, it makes sense to seek legal help. Why? First, our reasonable fees do not greatly exceed the fines you will likely have to pay. And, when you hire us, we can:

  • Attend your court hearings and waive your appearance, so you don’t ever have to come to court.
  • Attend your hearings so you don’t have to. This is a great benefit to clients with jobs because, due to court backlogs, hearings can often require a three- or four-hour visit to the courthouse or a couple of hours at the Department of Motor Vehicles. By having us go to your hearing on your behalf, you save time and, in most instances, we save you money.
  • We can use our long-established credibility within the legal system to plea bargain your case. Often we can have charges, points and fines reduced or dropped.
  • Traffic tickets often occur in bunches. Even if you haven’t gotten a ticket recently, don’t just pay the fine and move on. It may come back to bite you, as soon as you get another violation.
  • By fighting current charges, you can often protect yourself from becoming a “habitual offender.” In Colorado, habitual offenders are those convicted of three serious traffic violations in seven years.

Don’t assume your speeding or other driving offense is minor and will have little consequence now or in the future. Instead, contact our office for a no-charge discussion of your case at 720-407-2582.

What Other Factors Should I Be Aware of when Defending a Speeding Ticket in Colorado?

Other categories of speeding tickets you need to be aware of within the state of Colorado include the venue. This means that you may be ordered by the traffic cop to attend a hearing in a state court or a city court. This is an important distinction to make as city courts such as, Aurora Municipal Court, Lakewood Municipal Court, Englewood Municipal Court, Denver Municipal Court, Littleton Municipal Court, or Golden Municipal Court will have very different policies and possibilities than what you may see in the state courts. In other words, their particular local rules and city attorney guidelines are different from their state court counterparts and often they treat traffic tickets much harsher.

Why, you ask… because of money. Local Colorado cities greatly depend on income that they get from your city speeding ticket.

State courts such as Jefferson County Court, Denver County Court, and Adams County Court will generally take a much different stand against speeding tickets than what you may see in the municipal courts.

No Matter Where You Are Facing Charges, Call Shazam Kianpour & Associates, P.C.

These differences illustrate exactly how important it is to hire an attorney who knows all of the different details that exist in fighting your traffic ticket. Secure your license, protect your insurance, and hire Shazam Kianpour & Associates, P.C. We are happy to give you a free consultation at 720-407-2582 today!