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Charged With Texting and Driving?

As of 2009, Colorado has banned texting while driving. In addition, teenagers are not allowed to drive while talking on their cellphones. These laws were enacted due to the increased amount of distracted driving accidents and deaths. However, it is very difficult for law enforcement to see whether a driver is actually texting vs. dialing a number or looking up a contact. If you have been pulled over or charged with texting while driving in Colorado, it is extremely important you seek an experienced criminal defense attorney. A single traffic offense can raise your insurance rates and habitual offenders face more serious consequences.

Colorado Texting and Driving Accident Attorney

Shazam Kianpour & Associates, P.C., represents clients in the Denver area and throughout Colorado’s Front Range. Our Denver texting while driving lawyers defend clients against traffic violations and other serious charges. We will explain your rights and legal options when facing traffic charges and help you avoid license suspension and other consequences when possible.

What Constitutes Distracted Driving in Colorado?

Distracted driving involving the use of a cellphone includes:

  • Texting while driving
  • Browsing Internet on cellphone
  • Looking up music on your cellphone
  • Looking up directions on your cellphone
  • Using a navigational system on your cellphone

What Is the Penalty for Texting and Driving?

Texting while operating a motor vehicle is a violation of CRS 42-4-239. For adults over the age of 18, the violation can be charged as a class 2 traffic misdemeanor that is punishable by a minimum fine of $300 and four points on the motorists driving record.

Why Are Traffic Violations Serious in Colorado?

If you think that just one texting while driving conviction is not a big deal, you may want to think again. In Colorado, if you are convicted of three or more serious traffic violations within seven years, you are considered a habitual traffic offender (HTO) and can face serious criminal penalties. These penalties include license revocation and even jail time.

Do not let a single vehicular crime charge stick to your driving record if it doesn’t have to. An experienced criminal defense attorney at our law firm will fight charges against you.

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