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Aggravated Robbery in Colorado

Colorado aggravated robbery charges are the most serious felony robbery charges that the state prosecutes. Sitting in a county jail, waiting for the judge to order a bail amount in your case, and hearing that you are charged with aggravated robbery in Arapahoe, Douglas, Denver and Jefferson counties or any other county in the state is a scary predicament.

Once the judge sets bail, you will realize how much trouble you are in, because our experience shows that rarely will be amount be less than $25,000. That should give you an understanding of how driven the district attorney and the community in general are at prosecuting these cases through to conviction.

What Makes my Case an Aggravated Robbery in Denver?

In short, if you commit robbery in Colorado, and you use a deadly weapon to do so, the charges are elevated to an aggravated status. Since aggravated robbery is one of the enumerated crimes under the Crime of Violence (COV) statute, CRS 18-1.3-406, then your sentence is subject to an extraordinary risk enhancement to mandatory prison from the midpoint of the presumptive to twice the maximum.

In English, this means that you are looking at a guaranteed 10 years to 32 years in state prison (DOC) if you are found guilty of aggravated robbery. Our experience as Arapahoe criminal defense lawyers who defend robbery cases all over Colorado is significant. And it tells us through studying the state prison time comp calculations that on average, “violent offenders” such as those found guilty of aggravated robbery in Colorado, usually have to serve about 75% of their DOC sentence before they are parole eligible. This is known as your parole eligibility date or PED.

I Am Charged With Aggravated Robbery in Arapahoe. Am I Going to Prison?

There is a definite chance that you may be going to prison on your aggravated robbery case, but that is not a sure thing until all the facts are on the table and negotiations have been ongoing for a while with the district attorney who is handling your case.

Any criminal lawyer who tells you that you are getting probation for sure, without first speaking to the prosecutor on your case, and reviewing your facts, is probably not correct. You should make sure you don’t turn one bad mistake into two mistakes.

First, call the criminal defense lawyers at Shazam Kianpour & Associates, P.C., in Denver who have spent over 20 combined years litigating serious felony cases. We are candid and will tell you and your family the truth about your case and your chances. Now is not when you need a friend who tells you what you want to hear, now is when you need a qualified defense team that tells you the facts and helps you make informed and educated choices.

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