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DUI charges can ruin lives. Not only will they impact your ability to keep your Colorado driver’s license and keep driving your kids to school or yourself to your job, but they will also leave a permanent mark on your driving and criminal record that future employers, banks, district attorneys and criminal courts in Colorado can refer to when making important decisions about your future. Every decision you make, from the moment you are stopped by the police for your DUI until the end of your case, can be important and will shape the outcome of your future.

The experienced DUI lawyers at Shazam Kianpour & Associates, P.C. know that DUI cases can be complex and that certain aspects can surprise the accused. One of these aspects is the appearance of the term “DUI per se” on a ticket.

What Is A DUI Per Se Charge?

DUI per se is not a second DUI charge, meaning that you are not suddenly looking at double the DUI punishments and penalties. DUI per se in Colorado means that not only does the officer believe that you were driving under the influence, but he also has the scientific numbers to prove it because you gave a blood or breath test and the results came back showing that you were presumptively at or over the 0.08% legal limit. Hypothetically, if a jury were to find you guilty of either DUI or DUI per se at trial, then the second DUI charge would merge into the first one, and you would have one DUI conviction on your record, not two.

Regardless, DUI per se means that you submitted to an alcohol test, the evidence of which can be used in court to try and prove you guilty. This is not the time to try becoming an overnight DUI lawyer – you will want to reach out to a DUI lawyer instead.

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