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Representing Clients in DMV Hearings

The Colorado DMV is a very powerful and confusing agency that controls a very essential part of your life. The DMV bears the brunt of a lot of anger, jokes and general public frustration for good reason. The DMV is composed of many confusing rules, bureaucracy and endlessly long lines. An experienced attorney from Shazam Kianpour & Associates, P.C., knows exactly how to cut through the confusion and deliver the results you need.

Guiding You Through These Hearings to Protect Your Rights

There are many types of DMV hearings that address whether you will be allowed to drive after an alcohol-related driving crime. These hearings include:

  1. DUI hearings (express consent hearings and DUI refusal hearings). These hearings can involve a complicated process of testimony, constitutional challenges and subpoenas. These hearings occur if you have been accused of a DUI in Denver County, Arapahoe County or any other county in Colorado. These hearings are critical for your license as they will not only determine if you are allowed to drive but also if you are considered a persistent drunk driver, if you should be given interlock requirements, if you should have SR-22 insurance requirements, etc. Unfortunately, “red licenses” or probationary licenses no longer exist for these alcohol-related hearings.
  2. Interlock violation hearings. These Colorado DMV hearings occur if your interlock provider has reported a certain number of “fails” or “lock outs” over a specific time frame. These types of DMV hearings are very involved and require your attorney to wade through all of the data downloaded from your interlock provider. Once your experienced Denver traffic attorney from Shazam Kianpour & Associates, P.C., analyzes these data he will then have to search for possible defenses buried within the timing and reported alcohol values.
  3. Point suspension hearings. In Colorado, adult drivers over the age of 21 are limited to 12 points within a one-year period and 18 points within a two-year period. If you hit or exceed these point values, then you will be subject to a driver’s license suspension that can be as long as one year with no driving. If you violate the terms of this suspension, you may be charged with driving under suspension (DUS or DUR).

You may be eligible for a red license (probationary license) if you have never had one before. In order to obtain a red license you will need to prepare well in advance of the hearing to address all aggravating and mitigating factors in your case. An experienced Denver traffic attorney from our firm will guide you through your preparation, testimony and argument before the hearing officer.

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