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Charges For Sex Crimes Are Serious — Let Us Help Protect Your Rights And Reputation

Sex crimes charges come in an enormous variety of different labels and names. They all have one thing in common: the potential to turn your life upside down and threaten your future.

Even though sex crimes are charged all over Colorado, in general the counties that have charged the most sex crimes historically are Arapahoe County, Adams County, Boulder County, Broomfield County, Denver County, Douglas County and Jefferson County.

Don’t wait! Call 303-578-4036 for a free initial consultation with a proven Denver sex crimes defense attorney. We answer phones 24/7 and stand ready to help you protect your rights and reputation.

An Aggressive Defense Against State And Federal Sex Crimes Charges

At Shazam Kianpour & Associates, P.C., we defend clients against all types of sexual offense charges throughout Colorado, ranging from public indecency and texting/sexting charges to sexual assault and other serious felony sex offenses. We aren’t just lawyers; we are your team and your No.1 supporters. We know how to help you get the justice you deserve.

Most importantly, when you put a lawyer from our firm on your side, your lawyer will talk with you, not at you.

Penalties For Colorado Sex Crimes

The penalties for sex crimes charges in Colorado are severe and include:

  • Potential life in prison
  • Potential life on probation (these are called indeterminate sentences)
  • Sex offender registration
  • Sex offender probation
  • Sex offender treatment
  • Stigma, costs and penalties that some people must unfairly carry around for a lifetime

So what should you do? Make sure you find an experienced criminal defense lawyer focused all day long on how to beat sex crimes charges. Your life as you know it is on the line and you can afford nothing less than the full dedication of your attorney.

Hiring My Sex Offense Lawyer In Colorado

We have the knowledge and experience to fight for you every step of the way, and to help you understand what you are up against, and how to overcome it. We will help you learn the system, and we will help you understand that with sex charges pending on your record, you are going to need a fearless fighter in your corner.

We are the right criminal defense lawyers for you, because criminal defense is ALL we do. Sometimes your attorney needs to be a bulldog, and other times he needs to be subtle and disarming so you get the best possible result from the judge and the prosecutor who is trying to put you in jail or worse. Different situations call for different tactics, and you need an attorney who can read and understand the situation and make the best choices for your case.

Being Charged With A Sex Crime Affects Every Aspect Of Your Life

This is not the time to be settling for a clueless lawyer who has only handled a handful of sex crime cases. You need an experienced and calm professional, and most importantly, you need somebody who can communicate clearly with you, and can also drive home the point with the guy across the courtroom who is trying to ruin your life.

That is why your defense team is not complete until you have hired Shazam Kianpour. If you’re facing sex crimes charges, don’t hesitate — call us at 303-578-4036 or email us right now. Why us? Because when you need us, we are there for you. Our attorneys serve clients in Denver, Boulder and throughout all of Colorado.