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Defense Against Harassment Charges in Colorado

Harassment charges in Colorado are perhaps one of the easiest to be found guilty on, and also one of the hardest for juries and our clients to fully understand. The reason is that practically anything and everything we do on a daily basis (from practical jokes to obscene gestures to loud noises and more!) can be construed as harassment.

The law states that a person commits harassment in Douglas County when with intent to harass, annoy, or alarm another person, he or she strikes, shoves, or kicks him or her, or follows a person in a public place, or directs an obscene gesture or language at him or her. You can also be charged with harassment in Jefferson, Boulder, and Adams Counties, or any other county when you initiate computer or phone conversation with that person with the intent to insult, taunt, threaten, or annoy him or her.

I Didn’t Do Anything Wrong and I Am Charged with Harassment in Colorado. How Did That Happen?

It is no wonder why prosecutors love this crime, because they charge harassment in municipal and state courts when they don’t like you but have no idea what to do with you. The scary part about criminal harassment charges in Colorado is when we see them charged as an act of domestic violence. By way of example, a couple has a fight. The girl drives off and sticks her hand out the window and “flips off” the boy. He calls the police, and the next thing you know, police are at her house arresting her and placing her in jail overnight.

Now she has to go to court and decide whether she wants to accept some sort of probation offer from the district attorney on her criminal harassment charge in Denver, or does she want to spend the money and time taking it to trial and hope that if she is found guilty, the judge does not put her in jail for up to six months. Domestic violence charges in Colorado are bad enough, but gone are the days when we could say what we meant and have people understand and go their own way.

In today’s Colorado criminal justice system, everything has a consequence. How would your boss or your fellow employees feel if they knew you were charged with harassment in Arapahoe state court? Would they understand your predicament? Would your job be safe? Would they feel comfortable around you or would they assume you are a dangerous, unstable, or violent person simply based on prejudice and stigma?

Call us today and we will go to work on your case immediately. Our criminal defense lawyers in Denver will fight for your right to be heard in court. We will present your case in a straightforward way that shows how you were just as much a victim as anything else. Perhaps you know what you did is wrong. This doesn’t make you a bad person, nor does it mean you should have a permanent record that will cost you jobs, loans, and housing.

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Shazam Kianpour has taken many harassment charges in Boulder, Adams, Weld, and Broomfield counties to trial and gotten his clients the justice they deserve. Other times in facing harassment charges in Gilpin, Larimer, and Douglas counties, our harassment criminal defense attorneys have reached a settlement with the prosecution that allows for our clients’ records to be sealed in Colorado and nationwide. We are available 24 hours a day for a free consultation, so if police are at your house right now, don’t talk to the police. Call us at 720-407-2582, and we will guide you through the process of protecting your rights and setting your life back in order.

Is Criminal Harassment a State Court Crime or a Municipal Court Crime?

Both, and the police or prosecutors can choose whether they want to charge it in state court or in municipal court. Either way, the difference is the same to you because they are both misdemeanor charges that can change your life. Harassment in state court is a class 3 misdemeanor (M3) and carries up to six months in county jail. Often when we see harassment charges in Jefferson County, Boulder County, or Arapahoe County, we also see misdemeanor assault charges filed with it.

That is because in state criminal court, harassment charges are known as a “lesser included offense” of third degree assault misdemeanor charges. Call us and ask, and we will explain what all of this means. Take your defense seriously so that you don’t look back on this day and wish you had met with the harassment criminal lawyers who knew how to handle your case. Do it right the first time, and contact us right now. We are available to you whenever you email or call us at 720-407-2582.