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Attorneys Defending Clients Against Pimping and Pandering Charges

Pimping in Denver is charged when a person knowingly lives on or is supported or maintained in whole or in part by money or other thing of value earned, received, procured or realized by any other person through prostitution.

In other words, a person who solicits prostitution for others and takes “a cut” of the prostitute’s pay will be charged with pimping in Colorado. Pimping is a class 3 Felony and is considered a very serious crime that contains potential prison time.

Sentence for Pimping in Arapahoe

  • Probation with up to 90 days in straight jail
  • Probation with up to two years in work release jail
  • Prison (DOC) or Community Corrections from four to 12 years (maximum of up to 24 years in certain situations)
  • Five years parole if sentenced to prison

It is important to note that since pimping can be construed as a sex crime, if convicted and the court finds that the facts support a sexual crime, you may be forced to complete sex offender treatment and probation (SOISP)

What Is Pandering? (CRS 18-7-203)

Pandering in Arapahoe as defined by Colorado Revised Statute 18-7-203 is charged when a person, for money, induces another person by menacing or criminal intimidation to commit prostitution or, knowingly arranges or offers to arrange a situation in which a person may practice prostitution.

Sentence for Pandering in Colorado

There are two types and levels of pandering in Jefferson County. The first is class 3 misdemeanor pandering (M3) and can carry with it up to six months in the county jail. The more serious variety is class 5 felony pandering and can carry with it from one to three years in state prison (DOC) and a maximum of up to six years in prison. If sent to prison, you will also receive a mandatory period of parole up two years.

Lawyer Defending Clients Against Pimping and Pandering Charges

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