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What is internet luring of a child in Colorado? Is it serious?

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2024 | Internet Sex Crimes |

Colorado takes child sex crimes very seriously, even if no physical contact occurs, and even if the parties never meet in person. Using the internet to lure a child is a serious offense that can lead to significant consequences, including potential time behind bars.

It is vital to learn more about your situation if you’ve been arrested for or are under investigation for internet luring of a child.

What constitutes this offense?

In Colorado, there are several elements in a typical internet luring of a child case.

  • Communication occurred between the parties
  • The communication described explicit sexual conduct
  • The defendant believed the other party was under 15
  • The defendant persuaded, or tried to persuade, the other person to meet (for any purpose)

The law does not require that an actual meeting ever takes place – online conversations showing attempts to persuade can be enough to constitute a crime.

What are some potential defenses?

You may feel all hope is lost, but there are several avenues of defense to explore. Here are just two examples:

  • Mistake of age. A genuine belief that the other person was actually an adult can point to your innocence, but it can be hard to prove. Even so, it is worth discussing this possibility with a legal representative.
  • Lack of specific intent. In a nutshell, the prosecution must prove you intended to meet with a minor for sexual purposes. If the evidence does not adequately support this element, skilled defense counsel can poke holes in the prosecution’s case.

Your freedom and future is in jeopardy if you’re facing internet luring of a child charges. An experienced representative can help you find clarity and determine how to proceed with your defense.