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Traffic Violations Archives

CO drivers can't run stop signs -- should cyclists be allowed to?

When Colorado drivers pull up to a stop sign or red light, the law is clear on what they should do: STOP. Similarly, bicyclists in Colorado are also required to stop and wait their turn when they encounter a stop sign or red light -- although some lawmakers are trying to change that with a recently introduced bill.

Is texting while driving now legal in CO? Depends who you ask.

Even though a recent change in Colorado law increased the penalty for texting while driving from $50 per violation to $300 per violation, thanks to some interesting language contained in this new law, many people are now confused about whether texting behind the wheel may now be legal in certain instances.

How many points before you lose your license in Colorado?

As in most states, you risk losing your license if you fail to maintain a clean driving record in Colorado. In fact, points will be added to your driving record for every traffic infraction you receive — and if you get too many points, your license will be suspended.

Penalties for texting while driving increase in Colorado

Passed by the Colorado Senate in March and the House in April, Governor John Hickenlooper signed Senate Bill 17-027 on June 1 -- and, in doing so, dramatically increased the penalties for texting while driving in the Centennial State.

Drive-and-text law in Colorado could be changing dramatically

Here's a fundamental point about traffic tickets received in Denver and across Colorado: Although one or two of them spread out over time might reasonably seem to be nothing more than isolated instances without much cumulative effect, violations can in effect add up in an alarming manner, with state authorities having a long memory.