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Domestic Violence Archives

What are the ramifications of a Colorado restraining order?

The various phrases and acronyms listed immediately above all apply to the Colorado domestic violence realm and the prohibition of contact between an alleged criminal offender and victim.

Colorado’s long-arm statute cited in domestic violence case

Colorado orders of protection issued in domestic violence cases are far from trivial things that can be considered casually by individuals subjected to their terms and conditions. We note on our Denver criminal defense website at Shazam Kianpour & Associates that if you are served such an order, “you must follow it to the letter or you will be arrested and criminally charged for the violation.”

Buffaloes cornerback arrested, suspended for domestic violence

A sophomore cornerback for the Colorado Buffaloes has been accused of attempting to push a female companion down a stairwell. He has been arrested and charged with domestic violence, assault and harassment. He has also been suspended indefinitely, on the eve of fall football camp.

Stand up against accusations of domestic violence

Domestic violence charges can come after a variety of situations occur. We recently discussed how stalking someone might end with you facing criminal charges based on that behavior. This is only one example. Other examples include physical violence, financial abuse, and emotional abuse.

New law seeks to keep stalkers behind bars

A new bill is making its way through the legislature that may significantly change the way that those convicted of habitual domestic violence or felony stalking are treated by the court. The bill is part of a response to public outrage after a woman who filed a restraining order against her former boyfriend was later killed by him.

Young girl may have died from domestic violence

Domestic violence is always heartbreaking, but it is even more so when its victims are innocent children. Recently, a 2-year-old girl from Westminster died, and authorities suspect domestic violence played a part after finding that the young girl suffered head trauma.

New program seeks to end domestic violence fatalities

Just south of Denver, officials in Douglas County are rolling out some new efforts to reduce fatalities due to domestic violence. Using a number of targeted questions when responding to domestic violence calls, officers hope to be able to identify situations that may go from dangerous to deadly before a tragedy occurs.