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Child Abuse Archives

Young Colorado Man Accused of Sexually Assaulting Daycare Kids

On last Wednesday, August 4, Denver's Park Hill United Methodist Daycare Center was running as usual, its doors open to the 150 plus young children who attend the daycare. The facility has been open for nearly 30 years, and now allegations that a summer hire sexually assaulted multiple children enrolled in the daycare have led to the daycare's doors being closed.

Suspect in Case of Genesis Sims' Death Charged with Murder

About one month ago today, we shared the story about the case of 9-year-old Genesis Sims.  Her decomposing body was found dead in the town home where she had lived with Hanif Sims, her father, and Monique Lynch, Sims' girlfriend.

Background Check Bill Passed by U.S. House

If you're thinking about volunteering to be a troop leader this fall, don't be surprised that the Girl Scouts application requires a criminal background check. To identify potential volunteers with a history of child abuse or sex offenses, many organizations in Colorado and across the nation that focus on youth have been screening volunteers for the past few years.

Couple Arrested on Suspicion of Colorado Girl's Hidden Death

On May 14, the dead body of 9-year-old Genesis Sims was found in a Colorado home's crawl space. According to sources, the young girl's body was decomposed, and that is making it difficult to clearly distinguish the cause of death. A DNA test was used to determine the identity of the body.

Parents' Arrests Prove Colorado Marijuana Laws Need Work

A Colorado couple, Joseph Lightfoot and Amber Wildenstein, was recently arrested on allegations of child abuse. The couple is not accused of physically, sexually or even verbally abusing their three children. The charges of abuse stem from a state law that makes it illegal for the children to be in the same home wherein Lightfoot and Wildenstein grow marijuana.

Colorado Teacher Accused of Sex Offense

Last Wednesday, a Colorado man was arrested based on suspicion that he has had inappropriate contact with minors. As a foreign language teacher at Longmont High School, Alex Tinsley has consistent interaction with his young students. It was when an outsider saw Tinsley outside of school with one of his female students that Tinsley was reported as demonstrating behavior that the witness believed went beyond friendly and into the realm of sexual assault on a child.

Child Abuse in Colorado, changes in the criminal system

A mom stops by a pharmacy and runs in to get her prescription. She doesn't want to get her child out of the safety seat and get the stroller since she'll be back in 3 minutes. Two parents are arguing loudly in their home in front of their child when a neighbor decides to call the police. A teenager is babysitting his younger sister when his friends come over and offer to smoke marijuana. This happens in front of the little sister. A married couple get intimate in their bedroom and don't realize that their bedroom door is ajar and their child sees them in bed together. What do all of these and a host of other relatively simple situations have in common? The state of Colorado recognizes them all as Child Abuse and they are all crimes that can carry jail sentences, not to mention a permanent criminal record.