Criminal Trespass In Colorado And What It Means

Our state's laws say that if you are on or in property that you should not be in, or you are asked to leave and you do not, that you can be charged with different types of criminal trespass in Colorado. There are three (3) main types of criminal trespass charges and they range from serious felony criminal trespass (such as breaking into a motor vehicle), to the relatively less significant Petty Offense 1 Criminal Trespass (such as simple entry or remaining on the premises of another).

Without sitting down, reviewing the facts of your case, and understanding what the state is claiming you have done wrong, it isn't possible to diagnose the severity of your case or its punishments. That's why we suggest you call our Denver criminal trespass lawyers today for a free consultation at 303-578-4036.We have a wealth of experience handling all types and degrees of burglary and other financial crimes.

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