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March 2016 Archives

Colorado DOT PDF submission underscores DUI repercussions

Red -- especially bright red -- is a color that invariably features when the public's attention is being solicited. There is certainly a compelling reason why stops signs aren't bathed in soft pastels and why the vehicle commanding the most attention at a car show isn't awash in beige.

Principal Colorado DUI crackdown campaign once again in force

When some Colorado residents hear the slogan "The Heat Is On" (and people across the state do hear it on a recurring basis), they just might be prompted to pose this rhetorical question: Isn't it always on?

Is there a single law focused upon Colorado minors and alcohol?

The quick and definitive answer to the headline query posed above is this: No, there is not. In fact, there are a number of distinct statutory enactments pursuant to which Colorado law addresses different aspects of alcohol possession and consumption as relates to minors.

A singular focus in Colorado alcohol laws: minors

If you're a Colorado parent concerned or involved with a child's alcohol-related entanglement with enforcement officials and the judicial system and looking for a bit of professional empathy, you've come to the right place.

Lowered BAC threshold: Will that gain traction in Colorado?

Colorado residents who occasionally have a drink or two while socializing and have a thoughtful eye while doing so on safety and state laws regarding drinking and driving have a pretty good gauge on DUI enactments and enforcement strategies.