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Persistent drunk driver: a tag to avoid, if possible

| Mar 16, 2016 | Repeat DUI/DWAI Offenders


It’s a good thing, right? That stick-to-it quality is what routinely enables individuals to get over some proverbial hump and achieve a hard-earned goal.

We referenced the term in one of our blog posts last year, noting that, alas, there are contexts in which the designation of persistence is hardly a salutary thing.

As in drunk driving. Any person in Colorado who is charged with that offense and deemed to be a persistent drunk driver (PDD) will find out in a hurry that being tagged as a persistent offender can — and likely will — exacerbate the downside associated with a DUI/DWI conviction in virtually every conceivable fashion.

Our April 7, 2015 post entry touched upon reasons why “so many in Denver who face the possibility [of being charged as a persistent drunk driver] fight as hard as they can with an experienced attorney at their side” to contest and/or mitigate an adverse outcome of PDD to the fullest extent possible.

We think it useful to remind our readers of the “basics” surrounding PDD and the severe legal ramifications it can entail. A motorist can get the tag slapped on him or her for multiple reasons, including these: two or more previous alcohol-related violations; being stopped while driving with an imposed license restriction relating to a prior alcohol offense; and having a blood-alcohol content of at least .15 percent while driving or within two hours thereafter.

The potential penalties of a conviction grounded on a PDD charge can be unsurprisingly harsh and, to some people, seem even draconian. As we note on a website page discussing the persistent drunk driver designation, the downside “can be greatly impacted at the DMV” for any individual termed as such.

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