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Focus: Colorado DMV and driver’s license reinstatement

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2016 | Driving While License Suspended |

In your view, the worst-case scenario has just come to pass.

And that is this: You’re a Colorado motorist heavily dependent on your car for work-related and other reasons, and state officials have just suspended your driver’s license.

That happens all the time, with the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles taking that drastic action for myriad reasons in cases involving drivers in Denver and all across the state.

Some motorists have their licenses yanked because of an accumulation of moving violations (think speeding, improper lane changing, perceived reckless behind-the-wheel behavior and so forth). Other drivers might have been involved in an accident without having the requisite insurance required under state law.

And, of course, many Colorado residents encounter license-related difficulties arising from DUI convictions.

Unquestionably, the repercussions that can flow from a suspended license are adverse and, to many people, even draconian.

Here’s one: An ignition interlock device might be mandated (with the driver paying for installation and upkeep). That requirement can be especially onerous for a motorist officially denoted as a “persistent drunk driver,” a designation we expounded upon in our March 16 blog entry.

And here’s another: SR-22 insurance requirements might be imposed, and for a lengthy period. These exactions often come into play for drivers deemed problematic in some regard by state authorities (see the above-cited examples regarding reckless driving, a lack of insurance coverage and past DUI convictions).

Stress-laden motorists should know that not every adverse consequence that potentially faces them in a license-related matter will automatically materialize. A proven DUI defense attorney who routinely represents clients at DMV hearings can often make arguments promoting mitigation of adverse results in a given case.

An experienced law office with a deep well of experience defending motorists in DUI matters can provide further information.


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