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Driving under the influence: virtually anyone can be charged

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2016 | Drunk Driving Charges |

Here is something that is characteristic and instantly notable about a drunk driving arrest and charge in Denver or elsewhere across Colorado.

It is egalitarian.

By that we mean this: Just about any person who has ever had a drink or two and gotten behind the wheel can potentially be stopped by a police officer on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

Put another way: A DUI offense in Colorado — and, in a worst-case scenario, a criminal conviction — hardly spells an adverse outcome that is narrowly limited to a select demographic, such as regular bar denizens, factory workers socializing together after a shift or a group of friends at a ballgame.

Anyone who stays current on the news at all knows, in fact, that a drunk driving charge in Colorado can be levied against virtually any person, notwithstanding that individual’s occupation, socioeconomic status or any other identifying factor. Individuals needing proven legal assistance to challenge a drinking-related charge encompass teachers, ministers, doctors, accountants, electricians and police officers.

And politicians.

Colorado news outlets recently reported the arrest of one state legislator on suspicion of driving under the influence, for example. That lawmaker was stopped in the evening last Thursday in downtown Denver and subsequently charged with DUI. Reportedly, he failed a field sobriety test and demonstrated various symptoms indicating that he had been drinking before getting behind the wheel.

If there’s a central point to the story (and we believe that there is an important take away in every DUI-related case), it is this: Individuals across all walks of life, regardless of title/position, age, race, gender or any other characteristic, can find themselves in dire straits with the law concerning an alleged drinking offense.

When such a reality confronts them, a knowledgeable and proven criminal defense attorney who routinely represents clients in DUI matters can bring strong legal advocacy to bear on their behalf.