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Principal Colorado DUI crackdown campaign once again in force

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2016 | Drunk Driving Charges |

When some Colorado residents hear the slogan “The Heat Is On” (and people across the state do hear it on a recurring basis), they just might be prompted to pose this rhetorical question: Isn’t it always on?

Indeed, it might seem to be so. A recent Denver-based media piece chronicling DUI-related enforcement activities surrounding the St. Patrick’s Day holiday notes that the Heat initiative “runs throughout the year” at select times.

And it does so 12 times, which is enough to grab the attention of even the most blasé and tuned-out motorist.

In fact, that is what it is precisely intended to do, with the periodic roll out of the campaign around major holidays and during the staging of notable public events being quite purposeful.

And, say police officials, effective. Reportedly, more than 500 motorists were arrested during the so-called “enforcement window” surrounding St. Patrick’s Day last year.

That certainly means that the heat is indeed on and that increased police patrols in Denver and across the state are something to be duly noted by drivers each time this year.

This year’s Heat campaign commenced last Friday (a day before Denver’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade) and is scheduled to run until March 18.

Although Colorado law enforcement agencies are always busily engaged on state roadways, of course, their heightened presence during DUI campaigns is clearly notable. The Colorado Department of Transportation states that nearly 90 agencies from across the state will be involved during this year’s Heat crackdown period.

Drive carefully.


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