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Why so many people oppose DUI sobriety checkpoints

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2016 | Traffic Violations |

“[A] person with common sense has to scratch their head and say, ‘What’s this all about?'”

Today’s post spotlights a particular law enforcement practice that provides most policy agencies with considerable revenue while at the same time opening them up to criticism regarding both the stated efficacy of that practice and its legality.

We’re talking sobriety checkpoints, something that many Colorado motorists know quite a bit about. In fact, many drivers in Denver and across the state have undoubtedly coughed up a sizable amount of cash to settle ticketed offenses resulting from checkpoint scrutiny.

But not for drunk driving, as noted by the above-quoted individual.

First of all, let it be noted that DUI sobriety checkpoints are legal in Colorado under state constitutional law.

And then let it also be noted that checkpoint results in states across the country are routinely criticized by commentators across a wide spectrum (ranging from motorists’ groups and constitutional law experts to privacy advocates and, obviously, affected drivers), who deem them problematic for myriad reasons.

One such reason: They often result in a lot of police activity and related costs to secure relatively few DUI convictions. In fact, and as one media article on sobriety outcomes reveals, a huge percentage of tickets issued pursuant to checkpoint stops are often for infractions entirely unrelated to drinking and driving. Critics charge that the underlying rationale for checkpoints in many instances is merely to add to a municipality’s coffers.

And then there is this: If a person is randomly stopped at a DUI checkpoint and ultimately charged with, say, a drug- or weapon-related offense, doesn’t that raise sticky constitutional questions regarding lack of probable cause?

Checkpoints are but one of many police tools and strategies employed in DUI cases. A Colorado motorist with questions or concerns regarding any aspect of a DUI-related stop and criminal charge can obtain candid guidance and knowledgeable legal representation from a proven Denver traffic violations and drunk driving defense attorney.