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Colorado DOT PDF submission underscores DUI repercussions

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2016 | Drunk Driving Charges |

Red — especially bright red — is a color that invariably features when the public’s attention is being solicited. There is certainly a compelling reason why stops signs aren’t bathed in soft pastels and why the vehicle commanding the most attention at a car show isn’t awash in beige.

For blog readers who might be interested in how the Colorado Department of Transportation plays with red when it really wants to convey a sense of seriousness and urgency regarding drinking-related subject matter, we submit a state-authored PDF file discussing the ramifications of drunk driving in Colorado.

Rather ominous looking, isn’t it?

There is no question that state authorities want to set forth DUI-related details in the most ominous and even harrowing manner possible. Leaping flames and a red-emblazoned message intoning that “THE HEAT IS ON!” coupled with an individual being handcuffed will accomplish that goal in a hurry.

DUI enforcement is “a top priority,” states the pamphlet. Police officers across the state engage in “aggressive and intensive enforcement efforts” to identify and punish drivers who they deem to be in violation of state law.

And here’s another point that almost screams out from the page in super-sized font and bold colors: A DUI conviction in Colorado is going to cost you, and in a major way.

Costs adjust over time, of course, and the PDF file is undated, so it is likely that some of the money-related details presented have undergone a bit of change.

Unfortunately, that probably means this for drivers convicted of DUI in the state: Those costs have gone up. That $10,270 figure cited will of course not apply in all cases, but it is certainly reasonable to assume that it is a fairly stated baseline number and even a conservative guess in some instances.

The bottom line regarding drunk driving in Colorado, which emerges clearly even in the absence of dramatic colors and lettering, is that it is a most serious matter.

Any individual having questions or concerns regarding a Colorado DUI might reasonably want to reach out without delay to an experienced drunk driving defense attorney for guidance and diligent legal representation aimed at mitigating the consequences to the fullest extent possible.