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Felony DUI and its comparatively harsh consequences, Part 2

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2016 | Felony DUI |

We noted in our immediately preceding blog post the notably harsh consequences of a felony DUI conviction as compared with outcomes attached to a misdemeanor offense.

Indeed, many people might reasonably deem the outcome of a given felony DUI as draconian.

One Colorado media story reporting on the state’s felony DUI law termed the penalties for a felony conviction “a lot tougher,” which is easily seen to be the case from even a cursory exam of the state’s felony DUI bill passed in the spring last year. That legislation was ultimately enacted into law in August 2015.

As the article discussing the statutory provision noted, Colorado joined most other states in the country by passing its felony legislation.

Our website at the Denver DUI/DWI defense law firm of Shazam Kianpour & Associates, P.C., duly notes that, following the enactment, “Colorado’s tough drunk driving laws have become even tougher.”

And they can yield quite disparate consequences for an offense now termed a felony that would have been deemed a misdemeanor under prior law.

We note the importance of a fourth DUI conviction on our website page discussing the stringent penalties linked with a felony DUI conviction.

That threshold is key for a defendant, for a state judge has the discretion at that point “to decide whether or not you go to prison.”

That discretionary component can render the sound and focused help of an experienced DUI defense attorney critically important, given that the presentation of mitigating circumstances might influence the court to pronounce a judgment that avoids incarceration and other heavy penalties for a defendant.

No one wants to spend six years of life behind bars, which is a possibility under Colorado’s felony DUI law.

A proven defense attorney’s utmost goal in any DUI case is to secure an outcome that mitigates severity for a defendant to the fullest possible extent.

That strategy is especially important when incarceration is a possibility


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