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September 2013 Archives

Man wanted after convictions of sexual assault in Denver area

A man was scheduled to be in court for his verdict in a sexual assault case, but according to reports the man never showed up. He was convicted of 12 counts of sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust. These charges were very serious, and the conviction would have resulted in the man serving time in prison.

Colorado woman may face heavy penalty for DUI related death

When a person is suspected of drunk driving in Colorado, law enforcement officers generally follow a procedure to verify that their suspicion is correct. After they get the suspect to pull off to the side of the road, law enforcement officers may test the driver for impairment by asking him to recite the alphabet or count backwards. Law enforcement officers may also request that the suspect participates in a standardized field sobriety test, like standing on one leg or walking in a straight line.

Drug crimes, personal past can lead to problems after release

While forming a rigorous criminal defense can hopefully help a person avoid a prison sentence, sometimes people are still convicted, and might face significant prison time. A person might spend years or even more than a decade in prison. After they are released, it can be scary and difficult to reintegrate into the community.

CDOT uses urinal cakes to discourage drunk driving

The Colorado Department of Transportation is trying something rather odd to send a message to bar patrons not to get behind the wheel after a night of drinking. They are asking bars to place special urinal cakes in the men's restrooms that detect a person at the urinal and play a message discouraging the person from driving.

Uninsured driver faces DUI and vehicular homicide charges

People charged with DUI or DWAI offenses may face any number of charges based upon the severity and nature of the circumstances. Factors such as the involvement or lack thereof of other vehicles or persons, any injuries or death that resulted from the situation or the existence of any prior offenses can sometimes make the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony charge.

Bite marks reaffirmed as evidence in sexual assault, murder cases

The legal community around the country has been closely watching a case in another state. The case involved an alleged murder, in which the prosecution wanted to used bite marks found on the victim to try to convict the man accused of committing the crime. Many were hoping to see the judge rule against allowing such evidence because of a history of unreliable conclusions using bite-mark forensics.

Domestic violence charges against Coolio are dropped

Every couple has disagreed about something at one time or another. Sometimes, disputes can escalate past the point of heated conversation when a person gets swept up in an emotional moment and does something completely out of character.

More teens provide false confessions, despite innocence

Police departments across the country arrest teens everyday. These teens might be accused of various crimes, including drug crimes. According to a database on exonerations in the United States, teens are more likely than adults to provide confessions for crimes that they didn't actually commit. A report on the database said that 38 percent of teens who are exonerated of a crime provided false confessions. These confessions are significant parts of many convictions.

Colorado launches new campaign against drunk driving

With regard to drunk driving, there are a number of issues to take into consideration. From the severity of penalties in the state one lives in to the factors that contribute to more serious consequences (such as higher blood alcohol content and previous convictions), these cases can have different outcomes. If someone has ever been convicted of a DUI in Denver, they probably know how damaging the consequences can be. For example, an employee could lose their job following a DUI arrest, or someone could struggle with the cost of both fines and vehicle impoundment.

Woman accused of drunk driving, vehicular homicide in Denver

A woman in Denver was arrested after being released from a hospital on Sunday. According to reports, the woman was charged with drunk driving and vehicular homicide after allegedly causing an accident on Interstate 25. Police say the passenger of the other car involved was killed in the accident.