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Colorado launches new campaign against drunk driving

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2013 | Drunk Driving Charges |

With regard to drunk driving, there are a number of issues to take into consideration. From the severity of penalties in the state one lives in to the factors that contribute to more serious consequences (such as higher blood alcohol content and previous convictions), these cases can have different outcomes. If someone has ever been convicted of a DUI in Denver, they probably know how damaging the consequences can be. For example, an employee could lose their job following a DUI arrest, or someone could struggle with the cost of both fines and vehicle impoundment.

In order to attempt to reduce the number of drunk driving cases, the Colorado Department of Transportation has targeted men’s restrooms at bars and restaurants in Boulder, Fort Collins, and Denver. Because young men are statistically more likely to be charged with driving while impaired, CDOT has specifically targeted this group with the campaign and hopes to remind people of just how dangerous it can be to drive while intoxicated. Additionally, this campaign will be heard on the radio and seen on billboards and buses.

When male patrons in bars or restaurants in these selected cities use the restroom, they will hear a recording coming from a urinal cake. The messages, which are aimed at reminding men how important it is to return home safely, recognize the fact that people are likely to continue drinking, but should only get behind the wheel when sober. The wording in this new campaign attempts to focus less on the reality of drinking and more on the importance of preventing driving while under the influence.

When it comes to drunk driving charges, people can face costly fines and even prison time. Someone convicted of a DUI may want to think about the benefits of contacting an attorney.

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