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Woman accused of drunk driving, vehicular homicide in Denver

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2013 | Vehicular Assault or Homicide |

A woman in Denver was arrested after being released from a hospital on Sunday. According to reports, the woman was charged with drunk driving and vehicular homicide after allegedly causing an accident on Interstate 25. Police say the passenger of the other car involved was killed in the accident.

While drunk driving charges alone can be very serious, vehicular homicide charges can result in a lengthy prison sentence and a seriously damaged reputation. It is important that issues involving the death of another person are approached with sensitivity. However, it is also important that a person is treated fairly throughout the legal process.

An experienced criminal defense attorney can help a person look at their situation and understand that charges that they are facing. When a person faces charges, they could face problems with their employment and in their personal life. If someone has shared custody of their children, a conviction of a crime could put their custody agreement in jeopardy.

If someone is required to have a license for their current or future job, a drunk driving conviction could put that at risk. If someone is convicted of a crime such as drunk driving or vehicular homicide, they might be able to appeal their conviction. An appeal is not guaranteed, but it might be able to help present new evidence, dispute a previous claim and hopefully overturn a conviction. When someone is accused of a crime prosecutors and law enforcement will work hard to secure a person’s conviction, and it is important that the accused person has someone looking out for their interests.

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