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Drug crimes, personal past can lead to problems after release

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2013 | Drug Charges |

While forming a rigorous criminal defense can hopefully help a person avoid a prison sentence, sometimes people are still convicted, and might face significant prison time. A person might spend years or even more than a decade in prison. After they are released, it can be scary and difficult to reintegrate into the community.

Many people who are convicted of a drug crime or other serious offense in Denver might find themselves not understanding how to appeal to a job market that is difficult even without a criminal record. Now imagine not having up-to-date technical skills, or even any computer skills to apply for a job. That’s one of the problems a recent article in The Denver Post reported about a man out on parole this summer.

Not only did he find that he didn’t have the technical skills to use a computer for job applications, but he faced significant emotional hardships as well. He was constantly filled with fear that leaving his motel room, could lead to him falling back into the same circles that contributed to his prison time. His family hadn’t been in touch in a long time, and he had been raised by the state as a child.

He only had one friend who was willing to assist him. However, after an alleged parole violation the man ended up back in prison, where he will spend the next two months until he is released. Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney in the Denver area might be a wise decision. They can help a person who is facing prison time understand their rights and ensure they have a fair trial.

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