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Domestic violence charges against Coolio are dropped

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2013 | Domestic Violence |

Every couple has disagreed about something at one time or another. Sometimes, disputes can escalate past the point of heated conversation when a person gets swept up in an emotional moment and does something completely out of character.

At the same time, however, people may lodge accusations of domestic violence against their partner in order out of anger. Unfortunately, carelessly throwing around accusations of abuse can severely damage a person’s reputation, in addition resulting in jail time.

Whatever the case, domestic incidents are always emotional and complicated. Not long ago, Coolio, a rapper who had his greatest commercial success in the 1990s, was cleared of domestic violence charges. According to reports, police were notified about potential abuse when a woman was brought into a clinic after being involved in a dispute with the rapper. Initial accusations suggest that Coolio struck the woman in the face.

Any criminal charges should be taken seriously — no matter how serious they are. In this case, however, Coolio initially didn’t want to retain the services of an attorney, largely because he thought that the woman’s claims were completely baseless. Despite this desire, the rapper was represented in court by an attorney, and the domestic violence charges were dropped entirely.

In the end, a lack of sufficient evidence is cited as the reason why prosecutors didn’t pursue charges any further. Taking time to sort through every detail included in domestic violence accusations may be very important. In this particular case, the woman gave inconsistent versions of her story. As such, her claims lost traction and the charges were dropped.

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