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CDOT uses urinal cakes to discourage drunk driving

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2013 | Drunk Driving Charges |

The Colorado Department of Transportation is trying something rather odd to send a message to bar patrons not to get behind the wheel after a night of drinking. They are asking bars to place special urinal cakes in the men’s restrooms that detect a person at the urinal and play a message discouraging the person from driving.

This new approach is aimed at reminding people that drunk driving is illegal and they can be arrested or cause serious injury. Although this campaign is unique, police enforcement of drunk driving continues year-round. Many times people will be pulled over for a small moving violation, but a law enforcement officer will ask the person questions about whether they have been drinking.

A person might be quick to admit that they had one or two beers. This will often result in an officer asking the person to perform field sobriety testing. Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Denver might be a wise decision if someone is arrested for drunk driving.

An attorney can be with the person while they are being questioned and ensure that they don’t answer any questions that might lead to their incrimination. If a person is convicted, they might be forced to spend time in jail or pay fines. They might also lose their license, which could lead to financial problems, or problems with employment. This can also do damage to a person’s reputation, and a stigma might be attached to them for years following any sentence.

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