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August 2013 Archives

15 listed in indictment for alleged Colorado-bound drug smuggling

When multiple law enforcement agencies work together, they could miscommunicate, or mishandle evidence that might result in a wrongful conviction. If multiple people are then accused of a related crime, the case can be extremely complicated.

Man who provided alcohol to teen who died in car crash sentenced

A 26-year-old Jefferson County man was recently sentenced for his actions in providing alcohol to teenagers, which ultimately led to a fatal car accident. The sentencing stems from an incident in November 2011 where several teens were drinking alcohol at a Lakewood home by the man and another 21-year-old woman.

Two Denver residents arrested for serious drug charges

Drug charges can be especially serious. Someone who is accused of a drug crime in the Denver area might be wise to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney. They can help a person understand their rights after they are arrested and make sure they are protected throughout the legal process.

Man arrested for alleged sexual assault at University of Colorado

A man was arrested this week after police accused him of sexual assault at a University of Colorado campus. According to reports, police say the man knew the reported victim and have text messages between the two that confirm the potential unlawful incident.

Which is worse? Boating or driving while intoxicated?

With the Labor Day holiday weekend quickly approaching, many in Colorado are looking forward to their last summer trip to area lakes and camping sites. Like other summer holidays, the potential for drunk driving is relatively high. Because of this, law enforcement agencies will be out in force to keep drunk drivers off the road.

Basketball star arrested in Denver for alleged domestic violence

A Denver Nuggets player was arrested over the weekend. Tywon Lawson and his girlfriend were arrested for alleged domestic violence. Many times one person is arrested in a case of domestic violence, but in this case Lawson and his girlfriend were both arrested. The man's girlfriend was arrested for domestic violence-related property damage and he was arrested for domestic violence-related harassment and property damage.

Broncos linebacker arrested in Colorado on traffic ticket warrant

Traffic tickets can result in a major headache. They can be really inconvenient when you are heading to or from work, but they can become a big legal hassle if they aren't addressed. After someone is pulled over, police might ask them questions right from the start. They could be trying to get a person to admit to why they were pulled over or admit to the speed they might have been going when they passed a police officer scanning cars.

What can happen when a DA is charged with drunk driving

County prosecutors are tasked with seeking justice against those who break the law. In Colorado, prosecutors are vigilant about protecting the public from those who get behind the wheel without regard to how their impairment can lead to tragic deaths. 

Drunk walking could be just as dangerous as drunk driving

There is a strong sentiment among law enforcement in Colorado that drunk driving is not only hazardous to the public, it is a danger to drunk drivers themselves. There are a number of state laws designed to curb drunk driving, along with a host of penalties. But what about pedestrians who are inebriated? Do they pose a danger to the public as well?

Colorado, federal authorities arrest five on drug charges

State and federal agencies raided homes and business in Colorado late last month, arresting five people for possession and plotting to distribute synthetic marijuana. Authorities say they seized synthetic marijuana, also known as spice, and the supplies to make it along with thousands of dollars in cash during the raid.

Denver police arrest man after hit-and-run accident

When someone is arrested, they might not even understand what they did wrong. While police or prosecutors might tell them what charges they are facing, they might not give much more detail as the government develops a case against the person.