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Broncos linebacker arrested in Colorado on traffic ticket warrant

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2013 | Traffic Violations |

Traffic tickets can result in a major headache. They can be really inconvenient when you are heading to or from work, but they can become a big legal hassle if they aren’t addressed. After someone is pulled over, police might ask them questions right from the start. They could be trying to get a person to admit to why they were pulled over or admit to the speed they might have been going when they passed a police officer scanning cars.

Last weekend, Denver Broncos linebacker Von miller was arrested at a gun club in Colorado. He is accused of failing to appear at his court hearing in December for an alleged traffic violation from last October.

While a traffic violation can seem like a major inconvenience, an arrest might result in more charges, so it is important to address a traffic violation soon after the accusation is made. Paying a fine can sometimes mean you are pleading guilty, but it is still important to observe dates on the ticket for payment or disputing a ticket.

An experienced criminal defense attorney in Denver can help a person understand their rights after a traffic violation. Sometimes traffic violations can result in significant fine, or an immediate arrest. These might be the most severe alleged violations, but other smaller violations can result in an arrest if a person ignores them. It is important that people fight to defend their record and reputation. Traffic violations can result in much more than fines and arrests, but also career difficulty and even insurance increases.


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