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Man arrested for alleged sexual assault at University of Colorado

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2013 | Sexual Assault |

A man was arrested this week after police accused him of sexual assault at a University of Colorado campus. According to reports, police say the man knew the reported victim and have text messages between the two that confirm the potential unlawful incident.

Situations similar to this one are extremely sensitive and can result in a person spending time in prison or jail. When someone is accused of a crime such as this, it might be wise for them to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney. If someone makes an accusation before police are notified, an attorney can help the person understand their rights and advise them of how to handle the situation.

Although it is important to be sensitive, it is equally important that a person who is accused isn’t wrongfully convicted of a crime that they didn’t commit. An attorney can help a person form a rigorous defense and work to preserve their reputation.

For someone in college, a conviction of a crime might not only result in a person serving time in jail or prison, but they might also face consequences at their school, such as being suspended or even kicked out.

A conviction of a crime can have long-lasting effects that extend long after the person serves a sentence. They could be unable to get an education or unable to find suitable housing or employment because of a conviction. That is why it is so important for a person to understand their rights after an accusation or arrest.

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