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Colorado, federal authorities arrest five on drug charges

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2013 | Drug Charges |

State and federal agencies raided homes and business in Colorado late last month, arresting five people for possession and plotting to distribute synthetic marijuana. Authorities say they seized synthetic marijuana, also known as spice, and the supplies to make it along with thousands of dollars in cash during the raid.

These types of situations can be very confusing for people who are arrested. While the arrest itself might be chaotic, and a person might not fully understand the charges, the laws might also seem confusing. Last year, voters approved the legalization of marijuana in Colorado for recreational use. However, it remains illegal under federal laws. Synthetic marijuana is something different, and remains illegal under both state and federal laws on drug crimes.

When someone who owns a business is arrested, their name and reputation might be tarnished. Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney after an arrest might be a wise decision. They can help a person understand their rights and defend their name and reputation.

While a person’s business might suffer or be put in the news because of an arrest, the person’s personal life might also face consequences if the person is convicted. If someone has partial child custody because of a divorce or the child’s parents were never married, the person who was arrested might face child custody repercussions.

This could be devastating and hard to have reversed. Forming a rigorous criminal defense and understanding the legal process can help a person clear their business and personal reputations of wrongdoing.

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