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Basketball star arrested in Denver for alleged domestic violence

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2013 | Domestic Violence |

A Denver Nuggets player was arrested over the weekend. Tywon Lawson and his girlfriend were arrested for alleged domestic violence. Many times one person is arrested in a case of domestic violence, but in this case Lawson and his girlfriend were both arrested. The man’s girlfriend was arrested for domestic violence-related property damage and he was arrested for domestic violence-related harassment and property damage.

While these charges are considered misdemeanors, they can have a very negative impact on a person’s reputation. If an employer sees that a person was convicted of domestic violence, they might face consequences, especially if that person is a public figure.

Because the alleged incident occurred on a weekend, the two had to spend the weekend in jail until they could be seen for a hearing on Monday. According to a report, the Denver basketball player was also arrested in the past for various driving related offenses.

When a person has past criminal convictions it can have a negative impact on a future trial. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help a person understand their rights and work to form a defense. Sometimes police will ask a person accused of domestic violence situations questions regarding the incident.

A person who is arrested should remember that they have the right to remain silent and not say anything that could result in their conviction. An attorney can be with that person during questioning to ensure they don’t say anything that could be self-incriminating and work to build a defense.

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