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June 2013 Archives

Fourth of July brings out additional patrols

The Fourth of July holiday is synonymous with barbeques, fireworks and Rockies baseball. However, it is also known for being one of the most dangerous times of the year for drivers on Colorado highways. Next week's holiday is the most popular summer event and people tend to consume more alcohol. Because of this, law enforcement agencies across the state will be ramping up patrols to take suspected drunk drivers off the road.

Colorado traffic stop results in two arrests

Two people were arrested in seperate incidents stemming from one traffic stop. The arrests came earlier this month after a woman was stopped in her car, and police arrested her on multiple charges. Reports don't indicated what prompted the original traffic stop, but she is now facing very severe charges of suspicion of identity theft, motor vehicle burglary and home burglary.

Three people arrested in Colorado for alleged drug crime

An arrest can have a major impact on a person's future. When they are arrested, they might face severe allegations that could harm or ruin their reputation, even if they aren't convicted. Many times a person's name will be publicized and police reports are the sole source of many news reports about the alleged crimes.

Man killed after police shoot him in Colorado traffic stop

A man was shot and killed earlier this month by Colorado law enforcement after reportedly being pulled over by police. The man was allegedly stopped because of a traffic violation, but police say he ran. While the officers chased the man, they said that they believed he had a gun, so he was shot.

Woman sentenced in DUI crash that injured CU student

A 73-year-old woman who was charged with drunk driving and vehicular assault was sentenced recently in a Boulder County court. The woman was originally charged in May after an accident left a University of Colorado student injured. 

Woman in Denver arrested on child pornography charges

A woman from out of state was recently arrested in Denver on child pornography charges. The woman was reportedly facing 1,000 counts of child pornography related charges in another state, and it isn't clear how she ended up in Denver, where she was arrested this month.

DUI crime lab scandal angers Colorado defense lawyers

Drunk driving defense lawyers in Denver and across Colorado are voicing their frustration with recent findings about the state's DUI crime lab. Essentially, the lab continually showed bias in favor of prosecutors that ultimately helped them win convictions against drivers who were ostensibly innocent. 

State crime lab biased toward prosecutors in drug crimes?

Whenever an individual is charged with a serious crime, police will often have spent a considerable amount of resources investigating the alleged criminal act. The evidence gathered as part of the investigation will be used at trial by prosecutors to obtain convictions. 

Colorado Springs cops arrest park-goer for pot distribution

Marijuana laws have changed in Colorado, but people still have to be very careful about how they consume and purchase pot. What may seem like an innocent act may look illegal in the eyes of police officers. In any case, people facing marijuana-related charges need to be aware of their legal defense options. Everyone accused of a crime is innocent unless solid evidence proves otherwise.

Costs to consider after a DUI arrest

We all know that law enforcement is out on Colorado highways to make sure drunk drivers are held accountable for their actions, but many people don't know about the costs that come with a DUI arrest. Indeed, the rumors are true. Drunk driving convictions can be expensive.

Supreme Court rules DNA swabbing of arrestees is legal

The U.S. Supreme Court this week found that police can collect DNA samples from people that they arrest. They can also hold that DNA sample and submit it to databases, which might then be used to link a person to other alleged crimes from the past or in the future. The court said that this practice is a modern-day version of fingerprinting.