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Woman in Denver arrested on child pornography charges

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2013 | Sexual Assault |

A woman from out of state was recently arrested in Denver on child pornography charges. The woman was reportedly facing 1,000 counts of child pornography related charges in another state, and it isn’t clear how she ended up in Denver, where she was arrested this month.

Police allege that the woman also gave them false information about who she was when she was arrested in Denver. It is unclear what charges the woman might now face in Denver, but she faces very serious accusations in her home state.

One report says that the woman was a former child care worker. When someone is accused of a crime, it can have a very real impact on their career and personal life. In this case, the woman was working directly with children, and might have a hard time ever finding a job in child care. Even if she isn’t convicted of the crime for which she is accused, a stigma can sometimes be attached just to the accusation and charges, leaving a person with a difficult sitation in their work and personal lives.

An experienced criminal defense attorney can help a person understand and protect their basic rights. They can help them answer questions from authorities and make sure that their rights were not violated during their arrest or any questioning that may have taken place afterward.

If police don’t follow procedures a person might be wrongfully convicted and the person might be sentenced to years in prison for a crime they didn’t commit.

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