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Colorado traffic stop results in two arrests

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2013 | Traffic Violations |

Two people were arrested in seperate incidents stemming from one traffic stop. The arrests came earlier this month after a woman was stopped in her car, and police arrested her on multiple charges. Reports don’t indicated what prompted the original traffic stop, but she is now facing very severe charges of suspicion of identity theft, motor vehicle burglary and home burglary.

Authorities say that the arrest of this woman then led them to execute two search warrants, and arrested a man in the process of executing those warrants. He was arrested for suspicion of methamphetamine possession as well as allegations stemming from the two warrants.

These cases show how a simple traffic stop can sometimes turn into a much bigger legal issue in Colorado. Police will often ask a person questions when they are pulled over, in order to get them to admit to a moving violation, or sometimes they will ask them what is in their vehicle in order to acquire a suspicion that can allow them to search the vehicle.

Before speaking with authorities, it might be wise for anyone to speak with an attorney. They can help the person understand their rights and form a rigorous criminal defense against charges. When a traffic stop turns into many more charges, a person’s reputation could be damaged. These more severe charges can make it difficult to find new employment and even housing. While there are many unknowns in cases, it is important that people understand their basic rights when facing criminal allegations.


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