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Three people arrested in Colorado for alleged drug crime

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2013 | Drug Charges |

An arrest can have a major impact on a person’s future. When they are arrested, they might face severe allegations that could harm or ruin their reputation, even if they aren’t convicted. Many times a person’s name will be publicized and police reports are the sole source of many news reports about the alleged crimes.

Earlier this month, three people were arrested for allegedly having 20 pounds of methamphetamine in their vehicles. Police in Colorado arrested the three people after they say K9 units possibly detected drugs within the vehicle and they found drugs hidden under the floor of the trunk.

Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney can help a person understand the drug charges that they are facing, including possible consequences if they are convicted. Sometimes not understanding one’s rights after an arrest can lead to answering questions of authorities that can result in a conviction.

An experienced attorney can help a person form a rigorous defense that can also help protect their reputation. Depending on the crime, it might be difficult for a person to find employment if they are convicted, and even harder to reintegrate into their community.

People who are arrested can sometimes find themselves facing extreme stress on top of questions from authorities. An attorney can help the person decide which questions they might not want to answer, as sometimes even casual conversation with authorities can be used to incriminate a person. Understanding the legal process from arrest and questioning, through court proceedings can help prevent a conviction.

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