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Colorado Springs cops arrest park-goer for pot distribution

| Jun 7, 2013 | Drug Charges

Marijuana laws have changed in Colorado, but people still have to be very careful about how they consume and purchase pot. What may seem like an innocent act may look illegal in the eyes of police officers. In any case, people facing marijuana-related charges need to be aware of their legal defense options. Everyone accused of a crime is innocent unless solid evidence proves otherwise.

The details reported in a local news item are a bit foggy regarding a recent arrest in Colorado Springs. Since news sources tend to repeat whatever is said in a police report, it’s important that accused individuals have their side of the story told.

A 59-year-old Colorado Springs man was arrested after a police volunteer, who was using the area’s surveillance system, told officers that a drug deal had taken place in Acacia Park. Officers showed up there, and the volunteer called in another alleged transaction.

The officers contacted the man and arrested him on suspicion of distributing marijuana.

Police claim to have also contacted an unidentified marijuana customer, from whom a small amount of pot was apparently confiscated. There is no word that the customer was arrested.

However, police claim the other man sold a small quantity of marijuana. According to police, he “was also in possession of additional items consistent with the distribution of narcotics.”

Exactly what those “additional items” were isn’t clarified in a local report, and it remains to be seen whether the man is guilty of any crime. Still, he is up against felony charges and will need a strong criminal defense strategy.

Source: The Gazette, “Arrest os suspected pot dealer attributed to Colorado Springs street cameras,” Daniel Chacon, May 31, 2013


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