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April 2011 Archives

New Colorado drug law would mean another reason to see doctor

Don't you ever get tired of how even the little things in life can get complicated? Sometimes, it is the very laws of the state that put hoops in front of us to jump through in order to get the simplest things done.

Domestic violence suspect's childhood rape could explain charge

When we hear about the legal troubles that people face, we often fail to realize that even convicted criminals have pasts that somehow brought them to their current situations in life. A recent Colorado domestic violence case emphasizes how someone who might be seen as a criminal today could actually be a victim at the same time.

Colorado drivers lose licenses without breaking traffic laws

If you got a letter in the mail one day that told you your driver's license was revoked, would you think you were being tricked? You didn't get caught driving drunk, speeding or violating any other Colorado traffic laws. But still, the state tells you that you have to retake a driving test in order to have a valid driver's license.

Colorado lawmakers still debating 'fake marijuana' laws

In a previous post, we discussed a new, controversial product that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency decided to ban. Some might know the product as Spice, K2, or herbal incense. For the most part, however, lawmakers are referring to the drug as synthetic marijuana.

Alleged sex assault in Denver airport upsets community

Late Monday night, a woman reportedly missed her flight from the Denver International Airport. It was after that when the woman claims she was attacked by a man in the airport. She alleges that the suspect, a former Marine, raped her in an airport concourse while others around failed to help her as she expected.

How did a Colorado DUI arrest cause a severe accident?

Do the police have an obligation to protect the intoxicated from injury due to their own unpredictable behaviors?In an interesting incident stemming from a DUI arrest in Colorado, two intoxicated passengers were commanded to leave the scene of a DUI arrest. The two passengers followed the police order without dispute.

Are new child restraint laws in Colorado's future?

The Durango Herald recently published a piece that reveals new safety recommendations when it comes to securing child passengers into vehicles. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have come together and agreed upon two new safety suggestions.

Colorado Rep. speaks for medical marijuana industry in D.C.

Colorado is a state that is sort of leading the pack in trying to make the legalization of medical marijuana work. But it's more important to not only make the medical marijuana business work in Colorado; it's important to expand the legalization throughout the country.