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Colorado drivers lose licenses without breaking traffic laws

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2011 | Traffic Violations |

If you got a letter in the mail one day that told you your driver’s license was revoked, would you think you were being tricked? You didn’t get caught driving drunk, speeding or violating any other Colorado traffic laws. But still, the state tells you that you have to retake a driving test in order to have a valid driver’s license.

This is the strange and frustrating reality that an estimated 1,600 Colorado drivers find themselves in. According to a Denver news source, the group of drivers all took their driving tests recently, at American Driving Academy, and now they’ve been told that they must go through the testing process again.

Mystery regarding the unexpected requirement fuels frustration among the drivers even further. They apparently have not been told what that problem is and why their licenses have been revoked. All that the Department of Motor Vehicles has told them is that the measure is necessary as a matter of safety and that authorities are investigating American Driving Academy.

The drivers reportedly have a certain amount of time to retest and have their licenses re-instated without having to pay the re-instatement fee. But cost of re-instatement is not all that bothers at least one of the targeted drivers. Says the teen driver and her family, losing her driver’s license has been a significant life disturbance, one that she claims she doesn’t deserve because she’s committed no traffic violations.

When we learn of any more details about the reason behind the revocation of the driver’s licenses, we will post an update.


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