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Colorado lawmakers still debating ‘fake marijuana’ laws

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2011 | Drug Charges |

In a previous post, we discussed a new, controversial product that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency decided to ban. Some might know the product as Spice, K2, or herbal incense. For the most part, however, lawmakers are referring to the drug as synthetic marijuana.

According to the Denver Post, the DEA prohibited the sales of fake pot in March. However, that ban is scheduled to last only a year, until the agency has had the opportunity to research the product and its health effects.

Because the federal ban is possibly only temporary, Colorado lawmakers are in the process of preparing for its potential return to the market. The Senate was supposed to have voted this week on whether to outlaw the synthetic marijuana and label violations related to the product as felonies in the state.

But no vote occurred.

Why? Sources report that when a senator suggested an alternative to classifying the fake pot-related crimes as felonies, lawmakers agreed to put off the vote until a later date. He proposes that the product should remain illegal, but he thinks that the charges and penalties related to the drug should never exceed the misdemeanor level.

Exactly when the Colorado vote will take place is currently uncertain. There is definitely passionate debate to be had among the senators before a well-informed decision can be made. Some see synthetic marijuana as a substance that seriously threatens users’ health; therefore, they insist that it should be taken seriously in the eyes of the law.

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